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Scandinavian : About the Collection

About the Scandinavian Studies Collection

The Library's support of Scandinavian Studies at Berkeley includes campus programs covering all periods and aspects of Scandinavian linguistics and literature; the history of the Scandinavian-speaking peoples from the earliest period to the present; as well as the politics, philosophy, sociology and cultural achievements of these populations. Berkeley's Scandinavian Studies program has been consistently ranked in the top echelon of such programs in the United States, and the Library strives to collect broadly and deeply across disciplinary lines in support of it. 

Recent Acquisitions

A list of monographic titles cataloged or recataloged within the previous 60 days is available by clicking this link:   Recent Acquisitions.

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If you'd like to recommend an item to be added to the collection, please use the Purchase Recommendation Form.

For Library Help in Scandinavian Studies

Jeremy Ott
Classics and Germanic Studies Librarian

Opera House in Oslo