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Scholarly Resources: Prior Budget Reductions

About This Tab

This tab holds information about previous collection budge reductions. Since 2016 the Library's collection budget has been reduced by approximately 35%. This is not a new problem. Since 2003, student enrollment has increased 40 percent while inflation-adjusted Library funding per student has fallen by nearly half. One reason for the decreased funding is the long-term disinvestment by the state in public higher education. Adjusted for inflation, state funding per student at Berkeley is less than half of what it was in 2005, dropping from $20,539 per student to $9,036 per student — a 56 percent decline. Inflation-adjusted tuition since 2003 has increased only $5,000, leaving a net reduction of $6,500 per student. Although philanthropy has been increasing, it has not made up the difference. 

To see the actions taken during previous reductions, choose from the drop-down options on this tab.