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Watergate: Selected Materials from the IGS Library: Additional Materials

Selected IGS Materials

Impeachment, selected materials ..., October 1973 / United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary
Call Number: JK630 :G U5Hj.hd Cong. 93, Serial
Publication Date: 1973

Work of the impeachment inquiry staff as of March 1, 1974. Ninety-third Congress, second session.
Call Number: JK630 :G U5Hj.w
Publication Date: 1974-03-01  

The End of a Presidency / by the staff of the New York times.
Call Number:  88 01703
Publication Date: 1974

Herblock special report / Herbert Block.
Call Number:  88 01700
Publication Date: 1974

 The great coverup: Nixon and the scandal of Watergate / Barry Sussman.
Call Number: 99 00972
Publication Date: 1974

An American life : one man's road to Watergate / Jeb Stuart Magruder.
Call Number: 88 01686 
Publication Date: 1974

The White House transcripts : submission of recorded Presidential conversations to the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives / by President Richard Nixon ; introduction by R.W. Apple, Jr. ; chronology by Linda Amster ; general editor Gerald Gold.
Call Number: 88 01699   
Publication Date: 1974
Money & politics : contributions, campaign abuses & the law / edited by Lester A. Sobel
Call Number: 99 01170
Publication Date: 1974  

"Mo" : a woman's view of Watergate / by Maureen Dean, with Hays Gorey.
Call Number: 88 01706
Publication Date: 1975  

Washington journal : the events of 1973-1974 / Elizabeth Drew.
Call Number: 90 01169
Publication Date: 1975

Watergate by C. Q. Press CQ Press
Call Number: 89 01764
ISBN: 0871870703
Publication Date: 1975
Watergate: Chronology of a Crisis is the permanent record of Congressional Quarterly's exhaustive coverage of the 1970s Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon. This compilation of material covers the impeachment debate, President Nixon's resignation, his later pardon by successor Gerald Ford, the trail of conspirators in the events, and extensive excerpts from transcripts of White House conversations.

Why Watergate? by edited by Paul J. Halpern.
Call Number: 99 00975
ISBN: 09135300420913530034pbk.
Publication Date: 1975

Watergate Special Prosecution Force report /  United States. Watergate Special Prosecution Force.
Call Number: E860 .U67 1975 IGS Library / Doe
Publication Date: 1975
  The final days / Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein.
Call Number:  88 01693 
Publication Date: 1976

The right and the power : the prosecution of Watergate / Leon Jaworski.
Call Number: 88 01702
Publication Date: 1976

Stonewall : the real story of the Watergate prosecution / by Richard Ben-Veniste and George Frampton
Call Number: 88 01685
Publication Date: 1976

 Chief counsel : inside the Ervin Committee-- the untold story of Watergate / Samuel Dash.
Call Number: 88 01691
Publication Date: 1976


 Born again / Charles W. Colson. 
Call Number: 88 01688
Publication Date: 1976

Blind ambition : the White House years / by John W. Dean.
Call Number: 88 01689
Publication Date: 1976

The ends of power / H. R. Haldeman, with Joseph DiMona.
Call Number:  88 01698
Publication Date: 1978

RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon / Richard Nixon
Call Number:  00 00423  Publication Date: 1978

The terrors of justice : the untold side of Watergate / Maurice H. Stans.
Call Number: 00 00406
Publication Date: 1978

To set the record straight : the break-in, the tapes, the conspirators, the pardon / John J. Sirica..
Call Number: 88 01684
Publication Date: 1979  

Lost honor / John W. Dean III.
Call Number: 88 01705 
Publication Date: 1982

Groupthink : psychological studies of policy decisions and fiascoes / Irving L. Janis.
See Chapter 9: The Watergate Cover-up: How Clever Manipulators Can Get Caught in an Avoidable Quagmire
Call Number: 90 02311 Publication Date: 1982

Secret agenda : Watergate, Deep Throat, and the CIA / James Hougan.
Call Number: 89 00959 
Publication Date: 1985

The special prosecutor in American politics / Katy J. Harriger.
Call Number:00 01447
Publication Date: 2000

Independent counsel : the law and the investigations / Charles A. Johnson and Danette Brickman.
See Chapter 2: The Watergate Investigations
Call Number: 2002 0003
Publication Date: 2001

Selected Materials From UC Berkeley Libraries

Non-UC Resources

Watergate / Federal Bureau of Investigation
The FBI investigated the June 17, 1972 break-in of the Democratic National Committee Headquarters (DNCH) in the Watergate Complex, Washington, D.C. A security guard discovered burglars hiding electronic listening devices in the Conference Room area of the DNCH, violating Federal Interception of Communications Law. 
Publication Date: 2000

Nixon Grand Jury records by Watergate Special Prosecution Force
In May 1975, the Watergate Special Prosecution Force (WSPF) decided that it was necessary to question former President Richard M. Nixon in connection with various investigations being conducted by the WSPF. Mr. Nixon was questioned over the period of two days, June 23 and June 24, 1975, and the testimony was taken as part of various investigations being conducted by the January 7, 1974, Grand Jury for the District of Columbia (the third Watergate Grand Jury). Chief Judge George Hart signed an order authorizing that the sworn deposition of Mr. Nixon be taken at the Coast Guard Station in San Mateo, California with two members of the grand jury present.

Watergate Hearings / Santa Clara Law Digital Commons
This series is a collection of papers produced during the Watergate Hearings that were donated by Congressman Don Edwards.

Cartoon Drawings: Watergate. Herblock Collection
Herbert L. Block (1909-2001), known to the world as Herblock, was one of the most influential political commentators and editorial cartoonists in American history. 


Slow Burn, Season 1: Watergate
How did President Nixon feel as the Watergate story went from a curious burglary to a national obsession. What was it like for everyone else? That’s the animating question behind Season 1 of an eight-episode podcast series for Slate, Slow Burn.