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Demography: Get Articles

Resources for research in demography

Where to Search for Articles in Demography

Articles focusing on demographic topics can be found in a range of databases!  The ones below are just a selection.

Note: The foremost population studies database, POPLINE, ended its service on 1 September 2019.  PopIndex is another population-specific database, but only has content through 1999.



Health and Medicine:

Economics/Public Policy:

Pro tip! When you find a good article, click "Get It at UC" to get the online PDF. If Berkeley doesn't have that journal, use "interlibrary loan" to request that we borrow it from another library.

Also! If you find a great article, find its references in our Citation Linker... or search for the title in Google Scholar Free or open access and click "cited by" to see newer articles that build on the one you found!

Particularly useful journals

GoogleScholar and UC e-Links

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