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Latinx Studies at UC Berkeley Library: Home

The purpose of this guide is to acquaint our undergraduate students with Latinx Studies materials in the Doe Library of UC Berkeley. In addition to Doe Library, our Ethnic Studies library also serves as a repository for Latinx/Chicanx/Hispanic American St

Latinx Studies Library Sources: An introduction

In the United States, peoples of Caribbean, Latin American origin do not represent a homogenous monolith. The questions regarding social issues and the identity politics around any ethnic group in the United States are complicated. Please note that even the US Census has notoriously struggled to use holistic classification for most ethnic groupings and the Latinx communities are not an exception. The use of a single term can never capture the whole spectrum of the diversity of experiences of these communities. For this guide, Latinx Studies is used to denote a sort of an umbrella term that will allow students to explore other words like "Chicanx," "Latino/a," "Hispanic," and "Hispanic-Americans." Please note that one cannot take all these words out of the context and situations in which they are deployed for this specific guide.

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