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Mendeley: View and Annotate PDFs

This guide will help you use Mendeley, the reference manager and academic collaboration network.

Viewing and Annotating PDFs

In Mendeley Reference Manager, click the PDF icon or doubleclick the entry in your Library to open a document in the PDF Viewer.

PDF reader options

In the PDF Viewer you can:

  • Search within the text of the document (using search box in upper right of toolbar) and view the highlighted search terms
  • Highlight text or rectangles in the document with the highlighter tool
  • Add 'sticky notes' to annotate the text anywhere in the document.
  • Text of sticky notes can be viewed in the Annotations tab, which you find under Info. You can also add other notes about the paper in this tab under General Notes.

See also Mendeley's Guide to Reading and Annotating Your Documents.

Mendeley Notebook

Mendeley Notebook can be used to keep track of notes on a particular topic or project that may pertain to multiple references in your Mendeley library (notes about a specific reference can go in the General Notes field under Annotations). You can have multiple Notebook pages saved under different titles. You can add your own free text (notes) to your Mendeley Notebook, and can also choose highlighted text from multiple papers to show up in your notebook. This is a way to collect quotes or facts that you might want to refer back to in your own writing.

Mendeley Notebook