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Microform sets by Subject: Gender and Women's Studies

National Women's Party

Gay Liberation March

Cuban Women's Rights Movement

National Assoc. of Colored Women's Clubs

National Organization for Women

Selected microform sets on Gender and Women's Studies

American women's diaries. New England 

American women's diaries. Southern women  (1847-1900)

Bibliography of American Women 

British birth control material at the British Library : 1800-1947.

Colonial discourses Series one: Women, travel, and empire, 1660-1914

[Correspondence and papers on suffragettes, 1906-1914].  (Great Britain)

Diary of Beatrice Webb, 1873-1943

Emma Goldman papers : a microfilm edition

European women's periodicals  (19th & 20th century)

FBI file on the American churchwomen killed in El Salvador.

Gay activism in Britain from 1958 : the Hall-Carpenter archives : from the London School of Economics. Part 1, Papers of the Albany Trust  (20th century)

Gay and lesbian community, support, and spirit : selected periodicals and newsletters from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender History Society  (20th century)

Gay and lesbian politics and social activism : selected periodicals and newsletters from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society  (20th century)

Gay rights movement : Gay Activists Alliance, [1971-1983]

Gay rights movement : Mattachine Society of New York, Inc., [1951-1976].

Gerritsen Women’s History  (19th century)


The history of science, health, and women

Margaret Sanger papers : documents from the Sophia Smith Collection and college archives, Smith College (Series 2) (20th century)

Masculinity : men defining men and gentlemen, 1560-1918

National Woman's Party papers, 1913-1972. (United States)

National Woman's Party papers : the suffrage years, 1913-1920  (United States)

Papers of the Association against the Prohibition Amendment and the Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform

Records of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, 1895-1992.

Sex & sexuality, 1640-1940 : literary, medical and sociological perspectives (Great Britain)

The social and cultural construction of girls

Virginia Woolf manuscripts from the Monks House papers at the University of Sussex

Women advising women (1450-1832)

Women and gender issues in Argentina (20th century)  (+supplements)

Women and gender issues in Chile (20th century)  (+supplements)

Women and gender issues in Cuba (1923-1985)  (+supplements)

Women and gender issues in Ecuador (20th century)  (+supplements)

Women and gender issues in Latin America (20th century)  (+supplements)

Women and gender issues in Peru (20th century) (+supplements)

Women and Law 

Women and Victorian values, 1837-1910 : advice books, manuals and journals for women.

Women at work collection, from the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth, London (WW I) (Great Britain)

Women, emancipation and literature : the papers of Harriet Martineau, 1802-1876, from Birmingham University Library.

Women, politics and welfare  : the papers of Nancy Astor, 1879-1964 from Reading University Library

Women's autobiographies from Cambridge University Library (1713-1832) (Great Britain

Women's journals, 1919-1968 : from franchise to feminism

The Women’s movement in Cuba 1898-1958 : the Stoner collection on Cuban feminism.

Women's periodicals  : 18th century to the great Depression

Women's suffrage collection from Manchester Central Library (19th – 20th century) (Great Britain)