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Hargrove Music Library Archives: Collections

List of Collections

Hargrove Music Library Archives contains more than 125 collections by and about composers, performers, musicologists, critics and other distinguished participants in the musical life of Northern California. Listed in three broad categories below, many names and collections span several categories, particularly those of University of California composition faculty. 

Composers / Performers

Ahrold (Frank) Papers
Altman (Ludwig) Papers
Armer (Elinor) Compositions
Arnold (Zach M.) Papers
Bacon (Ernst) Papers 
Beel (Sigmund S.) Memorabilia
Bier (Allan) Papers
Blinder (Naoum and Eugenia) Papers
Bliss (Arthur) Papers
Bloch (Ernest) Papers
Blumenfeld (Aaron) Papers
Bruguière (Émile A.) Collection
​Casals (Pablo) Masterclass Collection
Claudio (Ernesto) Collection
Cowell (Henry) Correspondence
Dale (Frank K.) Collection
De Lorenzo (Nicola) Musical Compositions
Edmunds (John) Papers
Elston (Arnold) Musical Compositions and Papers
Fabbri (Inez) Collection
Fiorello (Dante) Collection
Foote (Arthur) Correspondence
Frederiksen (Sigurd) Collection
Goodwin (Jack) Papers
Gorbacheff (Theodore) Collection
Harlan (Charles) Papers
Haskins (Vernon) Collection
Hines (Earl "Fatha") Collection
Haussermann (John) Collection
Holloway (Jack E.) Papers
Imbrie (Andrew) Papers
Klein (Walther) Papers
Koechlin (Charles) Manuscripts
Langstroth (Ivan) Collection
Lehmer (Derrick N.) Musical Compositions
Liderman (Jorge) Papers
Mansfeldt (Hugo) Papers
Nin-Culmell (Joaquín) Papers
Nixon (Roger) Archive
Perlet (Herman) Papers
Phillips Family Diaries
Quinan (Ernest) Collection
Raskin (Milton) Papers
Fay-Yen-Fah: Scores & Parts
Schneider (Edward F.) Musical Compositions
Search (Frederick P.) Collection
Search (Preston W.) Collection
Search (Sara O.) Musical Compositions
Seeger (Charles) music compositions
Shatto (Charles) Collection
Shere (Charles) Collection
Urner (Catherine M.) Collection
Usigli (Gastone) Memorabilia and Musical Compositions
Weil (Oscar) Papers
Zech (Frederick) Collection