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Hargrove Music Library Archives: Conditions of Use


Hargrove Music Library welcomes researchers from UC Berkeley, from California, and from around the world. Archives collections do not circulate, so all materials must be consulted onsite. Materials are unique or rare, some are in fragile condition, and researchers must handle all materials with care. In order to avoid loss or damage, the following conditions of use, which are designed to protect collections while providing the best possible access to our researchers, must be observed. 

Handling Materials

  1. Please leave all jackets and personal items in lockers located near the entrance. All folders, binders, envelopes, boxes, cases, bags, and other containers must be stored in the lockers. Our lockers are coin-operated—they accept quarters, which are refunded when you retrieve your belongings.

  2. Researchers are welcome to use laptop computers, tablets, and similar computing devices, as well as personal cameras, but please note that scanners are not permitted. Old school methods of note-taking such as using pencil and sheets of loose paper or a notebook / pad of paper, are welcome. No ink may be used. 

  3. Eating, drinking, chewing gum, and smoking are prohibited. Keep your hands clean and dry. Never mark, erase, or alter materials. Always leave them as you found them. Researchers are expected to abide by the UC Berkeley Library Code of Conduct

  4. Please maintain the order and arrangement in which you find items. Only one folder of material may be removed from an archival container at one time. Place an Out Card place-holder at the location from which you removed the folder. 

  5. All materials must remain on the surface of the table. Staff will provide book cradles, book weights (“snakes”) to hold pages open, and/or gloves, when appropriate. Never lean on materials. When in doubt about proper handling, please consult staff. We are happy to help.


Taking Images

  1. Hand-held cameras and mobile phones (in airplane mode) may be used. No scanners or ancillary devices may be used, including tripods, video cameras, camera bags, flash functionality or lights, copy stands, extension cords, audio components or stools.

  2. All photographs must be for personal research use only. Photographs taken may not be published, posted online, donated or sold to another repository, or exhibited. Researchers interested in acquiring high-resolution, publishable images can learn more about options by contacting archives staff. 

  3. Researchers are responsible for complying with copyright law. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Hargrove Music Library, its agents, and employees, against all claims, demands, costs, and expenses incurred by copyright infringement or any other legal or regulatory cause of action arising from the use of these photographs.

  4. Handle all materials with care. Material may not be held up by hand and must remain on the table or appropriate book cradles. Patrons may not stand on chairs or tables for photographs. Multiple sheets may not be removed to photograph in a single shot. Material may not be folded or removed from sleeves or mats.