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Historic Preservation: A Guide to Resources: Finding Books and Journals

Historic Preservation is a guide to strategies and resources for students beginning research on the conservation, preservation or restoration of historic buildings, landscapes or cities, with an emphasis on California and the Bay Area.

Search Terms/Subject Headings

Use the Advanced Search which allows you to combine keywords (and, or, not), authors, subject headings and more, and limit by date, language, etc. Modify subject headings with the addition of sub-headings, such as place names and standard terms, (many of which will also be useful when searching periodical indexes and databases).

SAMPLE SUBJECT HEADINGS (combine with sub-headings to narrow your search) 
Archaeology and history 
California antiquities 
Cultural property 
Heritage tourism 
Historic buildings 
Historic districts 
Historic gardens 
Historic preservation 
Historic sites 
Landscape assessment 
Landscape protection 
Nature conservation 
Neighborhood conservation 
[Type of building or site, e.g., Cemeteries, Central Business Districts, Churches, Houses, Monuments, Parks, School buildings, etc.]


SAMPLE SUB-HEADINGS (to combine with subject headings

--Conservation and restoration 
--Economic aspects 
--Interpretative programs 
--Law and legislation 
--Remodeling for other use 
--Repair and reconstr

Key Preservation Journals

Off-campus Access to Library Resources

There are two ways to connect to library resources from off-campus using the new library proxy:

  1. Links to online resources on library websites, such as UC Library Search, will allow you to login with CalNet directly.
  2. To access library resources found via non-UCB sites, such as Google or Google Scholar, you can add the EZproxy bookmarklet to your browser. Then, whenever you land on a licensed library resource, select your EZproxy bookmarklet to enable CalNet login.

More information is on the EZproxy guide.

The campus VPN provides an alternate method for off-campus access.

Finding Books

For information about the library's catalogs, see Guide to UCB Library Catalogs

Finding Journal Articles

Finding Journal Articles
  • UC e-Links provides a way to easily move from an article citation to the electronic version of the item; to check to see if the item is available on your campus; or to Request items not available on our campus. Click on the UC e-links buttonbutton to locate the journal in the UC libraries.
  • UC e-Links Citation Linker, UC e-Links is an interactive form to identify resources in the UC Libraries, and if not available at UCB, initiate an interlibrary loan request. Select either book, article or book chapter, and complete as much information as possible.

Journal Article Indexes and Databases: See the following web guides for descriptions of and links to the core journal article indexes that cover historic preservation.

Recommended Indexes