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English Language Resources on East Asia

This guide provides information and access to English language resources on East Asia, mainly China, Japan, and Korea.

News Article Databases

  • ABYZ News Links    Free or open access
    Database is primarily composed of links to online newspapers, but also includes many broadcast stations, internet services, magazines, and press agencies. A portal to online news sources from around the world. The database is primarily composed of links to online newspapers, but also includes many broadcast stations, internet services, magazines, and press agencies. ABYZ News Links does not contain actual news content but only links to other news sources.

  • Access World News   UCB access only
    Full-text information and perspectives from U.S. and international news sources. (America's newspapers - NewsBank - global newsbank) Provides full-text information and perspectives from over 600 U.S. and over 700 international sources.

  • The China Press   UCB access only
    The China Press was an English newspaper founded in Shanghai on August 29, 1911, one of the major newspapers in Shanghai in that time period. Its rich content serves as an important research resource for Chinese studies. [1911-1949] This newspaper was established by an American Thomas F.Millard, most editors and staff were American journalists. It covers political news (including the Revolution of 1911), world and local news, education and women issues, novels, entertainment news and advertisements.

  • Factiva   UCB access only
    Text mining of this database is prohibited. Access limited to 49 simultaneous users. Provides general and business news and information from more than 9,000 sources in 22 languages, including influential local, national and international newspapers, leading business magazines, trade publications, and news wires.

  • Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports   UCB access only
    The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Report includes radio and television broadcasts, newspapers and periodicals, government statements, books, and other sources of unrestricted information such as databases and gray literature from non-English sources around the world. The original mission of the FBIS was to monitor, record, transcribe and translate intercepted radio broadcasts from foreign governments, official news services, and clandestine broadcasts from occupied territories. [1941 - 1996]

  • GenderWatch   UCB access only
    International journals, magazines, newsletters, regional publications, special reports, and conference proceedings devoted to women's and gender issues. [1970s - present]  Includes magazines, academic journals, newspapers, newsletters, books, pamphlets, conference proceedings, and government reports that focus on the impact of gender across a broad spectrum of subject areas.

  • Greenwire   UCB access only
    Daily coverage of environmental and energy politics and policy from E&E News. Among the key topics covered in Greenwire are: climate change, energy, environmental health, public lands, and natural resources. Related subscriptions are EnergyWire, ClimateWire, and E&E Daily, which focuses on congressional and legislative activity.

  • Japan Chronicle Online   UCB access only
    The English-language Japan Chronicle Weekly is the newspaper of record for Japan's engagement with modernity and its emergence onto the world stage in the first half of the twentieth century. [1902 - 1940]  Historians of East Asia have long seen the Japan Chronicle as a uniquely valuable resource. It is a well-informed, controversial but always readable source of news and opinion on Japan and East Asia.

  • Japan Times Archives   UCB access only
    The Japan Times Digital Archive offers access to nearly 500,000 pages of English-language articles published in the Japan Times newspaper since the first issue in March 1897. Includes issues from March 22, 1897 through the final issue of the previous calendar year.

  • Nikkei Telecom 21  日経テレコン 21   UCB access only
    Full text access to Nihon keizai shinbun 日本経済新聞 (1876/12/2-1961/12/31, and 1981/10-present), Nikkei sangyō shinbun 日経産業新聞 (1981/10-present), Nikkei ryūtsū shinbun 日経流通新聞 (1985/10-present), and Nikkei kin'yū shinbun 日経金融新聞 (1987/10-2008/1). Other resources include Nikkei weekly and Nikkei major articles in English.

  • The North-China Daily News Herald Newspapers and Hong Lists (1850~1951)   UCB access only
    The database has a comprehensive coverage of the English and Chinese newspapers of The North-China Herald《北华捷报》, The North-China Daily News《字林西报》, The Chinese Shipping List & Advertiser《上海新报》, Hu Bao《沪报》, Han Bao《汉报》, Xiao Xian Bao《消闲报》, and The North-China Desk Hong List《字林西报行名录》published by the company. As an important part of the historical archives, the database not only vividly revealed the history, but also enriches the digital newspaper resources, providing valuable materials for the study of modern China.

  • Old Hong Kong Newspapers    Free or open access
    The Old Hong Kong Newspapers Collection is a selective collection of major old Hong Kong Newspapers published from early Hong Kong to nowadays, aiming at preserving historical news reporting of Hong Kong for reference and research. English newspapers included are China Mail (1866/01/04 – 1961/12/29)*, Hong Kong Daily Press (1864/01/04 – 1941/09/30)*, Hong Kong Sunday Herald (1929/01/06 – 1950/10/29), Hong Kong Telegraph (1881/06/16 – 1951/03/30)* and Hong Kong Weekly Press (1895/01/03 – 1909/12/24).*             
    * some issues and pages may be omitted

  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Chinese Newspapers Collection   UCB access only
    Gain insight into Chinese political and social life during the turbulent 120 year period from 1832 to 1953 with 12 English-language Chinese historical newspapers. Included are critical perspectives on the ending of more than 2,000 years of imperial rule in China, the Taiping Rebellion, the Opium Wars with Great Britain, the Boxer Rebellion and the events leading up to the 1911 Xinhai Revolution, and the subsequent founding of the Republic of China. In addition to the article content, the full-image newspapers offer searchable access to advertisements, editorials, cartoons, and classified ads that illuminate history.

  • Rafu Shinpo Digital Archives   UCB access only
    Alternative Name(s) & Keywords: Los Angeles Japanese Daily News Digital Archive
    Rafu Shimpo began in 1903 and is the longest running Japanese American newspaper in the U. S. During WWII, it was suspended from 1942-1945, and was revived in 1946. The digital archive contains all obtainable issues from 1914 through 2018.

  • WiseNews 慧科新闻资料库   UCB access only
    Hundreds of newspapers from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries. In Chinese and English. [1998-present] This resource is limited to 5 simultaneous users. If it does not work, please try again later.

  • Yomidasu Rekishikan ヨミダス歴史館   UCB access only
    Full text access to Yomiuri shinbun 読売新聞 (1874-present) and Daily Yomiuri (1989-2013)/Japan News (2013/4-present).