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Travel Writing

Finding Bibliographies

A bibliography is list of bibliographic citations, (also called Works Cited, Literature Cited, Reference List) at the end of a journal article or book that lists the sources used by an author.

Bibliographies can also be research tools that bring together in one location (either print or electronic) citations from articles, books, book chapters, dissertations, conference proceedings, primary materials, and other academic sources about a specific topic. That topic might be broad, such as "Medieval history" or very narrow, such as "Red-haired women mentioned in courtly literature."

Bibliographies can be useful for discovering additional sources for your research. Since they include many different types of sources, it is important to be able to identify the type of source from the citation, in order to locate it.

In UC Library's advanced search, change the Any Field search filter to Subject and change contains to is (exact) and search for bibliography, combining it on the next line with your topic.  The term bibliography appears in multiple places in catalog records, looking for it in the subject field will limit your results to resources that have been identified as bibliographies.


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