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The Third World Liberation Front and the History of Ethnic Studies and African American Studies

A guide to library and online resources on the Third World Liberation Front and the history of Ethnic Studies and African American Studies at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University


  • TWLF [newsletter.] / Microfilm. Available at Ethnic Studies Library Asian American Studies Film (AAS MICROFILMS TW 1)
  • Third World Strike at University of California, Berkeley collection 1968-1972. Call No. CES ARC 2015/1

    The majority of the collection contains materials generated by the Third World Liberation Front, the student coalition that initiated the Third World Strike at the University of California, Berkeley. Included are strike chronology, demands, communiques, responses by the campus administration and other campus groups, updates, committee information, negotiations, and materials of coalition members and other organizations, particularly American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and Asian American Political Alliance (AAPA). Also included are press releases, rally and activities announcements, newspaper articles, photographs, and commemorative materials. The collection contains documents regarding the proposed Third World College. These include information sheets, reports and studies, proposals, summaries, meeting minutes, and newspaper articles. There are also materials on related issues such as the anti-war demonstrations, People's Park, oil workers' strike, United Farmworkers' grape boycott, Boalt Hall admissions protest, and labor union strikes at the University.

  • Third World Strike at University of California, Berkeley collection 1999. 

    The collection contains Third World Strike (1999) materials, including a chronology of events; 30-year commemoration conference program; information sheets, demands; response of Ethnic Studies Chair L. Ling-chi Wang to student protest; Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl communications regarding Ethnic Studies; agreement; and report to develop a faculty renewal plan for Department of Ethnic Studies (Brentano report). Also included are press releases, articles, rally and event announcements, and support letters. There are numerous hand-made banners and posters which were displayed at the California Hall hunger site location.

  • Carlos Muñoz papers, 1938-2015 (bulk 1969-1993) Call No. CS ARC 2016/1

    Finding Aid:

    The collection contains materials relating to Chicano/Latino and Ethnic Studies, particularly with a focus on Chicano political and social movements. The collection is arranged in five series. Professional activities include biographical information, general correspondence, conference materials, speaking engagements, advising and consulting. Writings contain papers, chapters, and articles written or co-authored by Muñoz, including several articles written for the Political Science Quarterly symposium on Protest Is Not Enough (1986). There are many draft and edited versions of Muñoz's book, Youth, Identity, Power: The Chicano Movement, published in 1989. Also contains extensive background research materials for a future publication on Ernesto Galarza which are RESTRICTED until September 30, 2020. The Teaching series includes some materials relating to Muñoz's earlier teaching positions, with the majority relating to his faculty position at the University of California, Berkeley. These include Ethnic Studies Department history information; administrative records; committees; program requirements; curriculum and instructional materials. There are general UCB subject files including affirmative action, faculty diversity, and protests. There are also files of other higher education institutions with Ethnic Studies classes and programs, particularly San Francisco State University Third World Strike information. The Organizations series include those for which Muñoz was an officer, member, or participant. They include American Political Science Association (APSA), Faculty for Human Rights in El Salvador and Central America (FACHRES), La Raza Unida Party, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Mexican American Movement (MAM), Movimiento Estudiantil de Aztlan (MeCHA), and Western Political Science Association (WPSA). The subject reference files relate to Muñoz's research for his writings, teaching, and professional activity. They include materials on activists, Chicano Movement, communities, education, farm workers, Latin America, politics and politicians.

  • University of California, Berkeley, Chicano Studies Program records, 1961-1996 (bulk 1969-1980) Call No. CS ARC 20009/1

    Note: Carton 1 is held on-site and contains information and photographs of the Third World Strike in general.

    Finding Aid:

    The Chicano Studies Program records provide materials relating to the formation of the program as a result of the Third World Strike student demands in 1969. the collection includes proposals for a Third World College; information on the structure and goals of the Chicano Studies Program; administrative and faculty correspondence; committee minutes; reviews; reports; curriculum information and instruction materials; student organization records, particularly Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA); campus events; program sponsored projects; recruitment materials; and publications. Also included are resource files maintained by the program office and relating to the Chicano community. They contain subjects such as art, Brown Berets, Chicano Studies programs at other colleges and universities, Juan Corona, conferences, events, films, music, organizations, police brutality, politics, La Raza Unida, theater, and United Farm Workers.

  • H.K. Yuen Social Movement Archive

The H. K. Yuen Social Movement Archive is a unique archive of primary source materials related to social movements in the Bay Area in the 1960s and 1970s. Utilizing some of the earliest recording technology made publicly available, Yuen created an aural history of approximately 30,000 hours on reel-to-reel and cassette tapes documenting countless rallies, protests, meetings, and news coverage of events in the San Francisco Bay Area including on Sproul Plaza and the UC Berkeley campus, a focal point for activism. Search the collection for "TWLF" or other keywords to find relevant audio recordings.

32 photographic prints: b&w and color. Photographs 1-32 taken by William Roberts in May, 1999. Views of student protest rallies and encampment outside California Hall, U.C. Berkeley.

6 photographic prints. Photographs show strikers, tear gas, police cars, etc. involved with the Third World Liberation Strike in Berkeley, 1969.