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UCDC Research Seminar: Library Access

How to Access Library Collections from Washington DC

What can I access?

As a UCDC student, you have a couple of options for accessing library resources: 

  1. Online: You can immediately access online resources, including ebooks and scholarly articles, from your home campus by using their proxy or VPN. 
  2. Print: The UCs are unable to ship books to you in DC, unfortunately, so you do not have direct access to the print collection from your home campus while you're in DC. You can, however, access print collections from certain libraries in Washington DC. See the Find Books tab for more information.

How can I get access to online resources?

To use online library resources from Washington DC you will first have to set up the proxy server or VPN for your specific home campus. Note that access to specific resources differs from campus to campus, so your colleagues from other UCs will need to search their own collections. To set up access to articles and ebooks from your Library, follow these instructions:

UC Libraries

Doe Library, UC Berkeley
Shields Library, UC Davis
Langson Library, UC Irvine
Powell Library, UCLA
Kolligian Library, UC Merced
Rivera Library, UC Riverside
Geisel Library, UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara Library
McHenry Library, UC Santa Cruz