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Bio 1B Library Guide: Getting Articles and Books: Getting full text

Getting articles and e-books

Getting the Full Text of Articles and E-books

If you need to find resources on your research topic, see Searching for Articles or Finding books. If you've found a resource but need to get the full text, read on!

Article databases  and Start Your Search contain citations to resources, but don't always include the full text.

If the full text is available you should see a Full Text icon: Full text icon

If no full text icon is immediately visible, to get to the full text of an article or e-book from databases or Start Your Search click the UC-eLinks button.

One of the following three things should happen:

  • You may be taken directly to the article or e-book, usually on the journal or publisher website. There you can read the article or book chapter as an HTML page in a web browser, or click a link to download a PDF of the article or book chapter.
  • For articles you may be taken to the home page of the journal. There you can browse for the year and issue of the journal that contains the article by clicking on an All issues or Previous issues or Archive link.
  • You may be taken to the UC-eLinks menu:

Click on the Get It Online link to access the full text if it is available.

To see if we have online access to a specific life sciences journal, you can browse the Bioscience Library's list of electronic journals. You can also search for e-journals by title on that page or on the Library home page under "eJournals."

Getting Articles or Books in Print

If UC Berkeley doesn't have an online subscription to the journal or access to the e-book, click on the Check the UCB Library Catalog: OskiCat link:

This will take you to OskiCat, so you can find the location and call number of the print version; for more information on finding print resources see Locating call numbers.

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