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Industry Information: Industry Statistics

Guide to industry information sources.


US Census Bureau Economic Programs includes the following:

  1. Manufacturing and Construction Manufacturing: manufacturing inventories, orders, shipments, exports, plant capacity, energy consumption. Construction: building permits, construction, sales, housing characteristics 
  2. Wholesale trade: monthly and annual sales, inventories, operating expenses
  3. Quarterly Financial Report for Manufacturing, Mining, and Trade Corporationsestimated statements of income and retained earnings, balance sheets, and related financial and operating ratios
  4. Economic Census: every 5 years, latest conducted 2012. All industrial categories — payroll, expenses, sales, and value added, to the zip code level

Links to all federal statistics and agencies producing them, eg. Census of Agriculture, Health statistics, Crime statistics, etc.

Links to data from older abstracts and statistics gathering agencies available here.

Statistical Agencies (International)

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