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Industry Information: Industry Financial Ratios

Guide to industry information sources.

Industry Financial Ratios

US Census Bureau’s provides composite quarterly ratios for manufacturing, mining, wholesale and service industries. 

RMA Annual Statement StudiesFinancial Ratio Benchmarks. AnnualBased on financial statements submitted to banks, composite financial and operating ratios for mfg., wholesale, retail, service industries. 750+ lines of business are covered. Upper quartile, median and lower quartile values are presented. Explanations of balance sheet and income data, definitions of ratios, and sources of financial information for industries not covered.

Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial RatiosCompiled  from tax returns submitted to the IRS. 190 lines of business covered and 50 performance indicators are covered. Only the industry average is presented, but each line of business has more companies represented than the RMA.  Companies making a profit that year are presented in a separate table.

Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios. Financial and operating ratios for 800 lines of business. Balance sheet and income statement information and 14 financial ratios. More lines of business covered.