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Posters, Presentations & Science Writing: Present

use this guide to create a successful science poster presentation.

Post Your Poster

SET-UP: do this carefully

  • Use a poster container to avoid crushing.
  • Mount your poster with thumbtacks, pushpins, or tape
  • Place handouts on a table or in an envelope attached to the poster board.
  • Share your business cards as well.


GIVE: a 1-sentence summary of your research results and relevance (less than 30 seconds). (Purrington, 2010)

PRACTICE: a short talk to explain your research (less than 5 minutes).

PREPARE: responses to questions you anticipate.  Why X conditions?  What do the results mean for Y?

STAND: next to your poster, smile, make eye contact with visitors and let your enthusiasm show.

THANK: your audience afterwards

VISIT: other poster presentations at your meeting, and learn from them.   

SHARE & PUBLICIZE your poster online

 After the presentation is over, consider sharing your poster. Post a copy online along with supplementary materials.

Export your poster as a JPEG or PNG file and upload to a website, blog, Facebook, Flickr, etc.

Try an online document sharing service like Slideshare.

Publish your poster in, an online journal of scientific posters.

An online copy of your poster may serve as a portfolio for job applications or professional reviews. When you publish your poster, consider a Creative Commons license, which facilitates sharing while protecting your copyright interests. Details at:

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