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Posters, Presentations & Science Writing: Present

use this guide to create a successful science poster presentation.

Post Your Poster

SET-UP: do this carefully

Use a poster container to avoid crushing.

Mount your poster with thumbtacks, pushpins, or tape

Place handouts on a table or in an envelope attached to the poster board.

Share your business cards as well.


GIVE a 1-sentence summary of your research results and relevance (less than 30 seconds). (Purrington, 2010)

PRACTICE a short talk to explain your research (less than 5 minutes).

PREPARE responses to questions you anticipate.  Why X conditions?  What do the results mean for Y?

STAND next to your poster, smile, make eye contact with visitors and let your enthusiasm show.

THANK your audience afterwards

VISIT other poster presentations at your meeting, and learn from them.   

SHARE & PUBLICIZE your poster online

 After the presentation is over, consider sharing your poster. Post a copy online along with supplementary materials.

Export your poster as a JPEG or PNG file and upload to a website, blog, Facebook, Flickr, etc.

Try an online document sharing service like Slideshare.

Publish your poster in, an online journal of scientific posters.

An online copy of your poster may serve as a portfolio for job applications or professional reviews. When you publish your poster, consider a Creative Commons license, which facilitates sharing while protecting your copyright interests. Details at:

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