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Posters, Presentations & Science Writing: Construct

use this guide to create a successful science poster presentation.


1. DRAFT your design first.  Use SOFTWARE TOOLS:

  • Presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, or OpenOffice Impress (free software)
  • Print and digital publishing software like Adobe InDesign
  • Document preparation systems like LaTeX (free software)

2. SIZE:

  • Set the size of the slide or canvas to the actual dimensions of your poster.
  • If you create a smaller poster & print at a larger scale (e.g., 300%), the text & images may become blurry & pixilated.

3. CREATE your poster:

  • Graphics programs are helpful for drawing figures and other illustrations.
  • Adobe Photoshop or GIMP (free software)can be used to insert your images into the poster.
  • Create graphs with spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel.
  • Download UC Berkeley templates, logos and seals at the Brand Guidelines site.

Edit and Evaluate

  • Print your draft poster to letter size paper. 
  • Share with colleagues for editing extraneous or confusing content.
  • Make sure your work follows your presentation requirements.
  • Here are checklists for evaluating your poster: