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Introduction to Italian Renaissance Art / The Italian Renaissance: Finding Books & Reference Sources

Searching Library Catalogs

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Use OskiCat to locate materials on the shelves of the UC Berkeley libraries.

Sample Search:

 Paper topic:  Titian’s altarpieces

 Search by artist name:  KW titian to find all books about Titian

Examine book’s index to locate text about Altarpieces

 Narrow by topic:  KW alterpiec* Titian 

Use truncation symbol (*) to find any form of the word root, in this case 

alterpiece or alterpieces.  Root must be 5 characters in length, not including 

the * symbol.

 Find an exhibition catalog on your topic to add to your bibliography

KW titian altarpiec* exhibition*

 Use Grove Art Online for encyclopedia articles written by scholars in the 

field, e.g Titian entry written by Cecil Gould

 Search Oskicat by author

KW cecil gould

 Use your syllabus to find other scholarly authors

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Use Melvyl to locate materials at other campuses in the UC system, or worldwide, and also to

  • request materials from another library if we don't own it
  • find articles from some article databases
  • easily format a citation for copying into a bibliography
  • Melvyl will also show you the location and availablity of items that we own.

Reference Sources

Reference Books

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