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Introduction to Italian Renaissance Art / The Italian Renaissance: Finding Articles

Finding databases

You have several choices when it comes to finding articles from the library website.  When the "Search" option is highlighted, you can search books, articles and more.  It includes:

However, Search does not include everything in the Library's collections. To ensure you're finding the best possible articles on your research topic, you should search discipline-specific databases directly by making sure "Databases" is highlighted in the search box. 

Content that is not included in "Search":

UC-eLinks - Find Article Text/Location

Once you've searched a database to find articles, you may need to use UC-eLinks orange logo to link to a PDF or html file if the full text is not immediately available. Each database is a bit different, but a good rule of thumb is this: when you see the Uc-eLinks icon click on it to view your article access options, which can range from full text to a call number to an Interlibrary Loan request:

UC e-Links image

For more information, here's a tutorial on using UC-eLinks.

Art Databases

General Article Databases

Databases are collections of thousands of articles (and often book chapters, book reviews, conference proceedings, dissertations, and other items) organized by subject. The Libraries have hundreds of databases covering every academic discipline. Some are multi-disciplinary, covering a broad range of subjects and including popular and scholarly sources, and others are subject-specific, and include scholarly and specialized articles.

The following multi-disciplinary databases are good places to start your research:

Finding Articles from a Citation

Have a citation but don't know how to locate the article? 

Try Citation Linker (search by article title or author – journal title and date are required)

or Start your Search (search by article title or author)


Recommended steps for finding articles from a citation:

1. Search by article title or author in Start your SearchIf not there, continue to step 2.

2. Search by article title or author in Citation Linker (journal title and date are required). If not there, continue to step 3.

3. Search by journal title in Oskicat to find to see if there is a link to the electronic title, or whether we hold the journal title only in print. If only found as a print title, note the call number and library name and visit the library to locate it. If not found, continue to step 4 to InterLibrary Loan (ILL) the title.

4. If you can't find your article in the resource in steps 1-3, search for it in Melvyl to initiate a ILL request. Once you locate the publication use the "Request" or "Berkeley E-LINKS" button to request it from other institutions. If you still cannot find it, but wish to make a ILL request, use this form.

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