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Women Who Figure: An Exhibit Inspired by the Mathematicians of Hidden Figures: Sources

Books in Exhibit

Beyond Banneker : Black mathematicians and the paths to excellence
Erica N. Walker
QA28.W35 2014 - Math/Stat Library

A biography of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, an eighteenth-century woman mathematician
Antonella Cupillari
QA29.A28 C87 2007 - Main (Gardner) Stacks

Black women scientists in the United States
Wini Warren
Q141.W367 1999 - Main (Gardner) Stacks

Cambridge scientific minds
Editors: Peter Harman and Simon Mitton
Q141.C1283 2002 - Main (Gardner) Stacks

Change is possible : stories of women and minorities in mathematics
Patricia Clark Kenschaft
QA10.5.K46 2005 - Math/Stat Library

Complexities : women in mathematics
Editors: Bettye Anne Case and Anne M. Leggett
QA27.5.C66 2005 - Math/Stat Library

Determination of sets of independent conditions characterizing certain special cases of symmetric correspondences
Euphemia Lofton Haynes
QA603.H3 - NRLF 

Emmy Noether's wonderful theorem
Dwight E. Neuenschwander
QC174.17.S9 N48 2011 - Physics Library

Florence Nightingale : the making of an icon
Mark Bostridge
RT37.N5 B67 2008 - Main (Gardner) Stacks

The glass universe : how the ladies of the Harvard Observatory took the measure of the stars
Dava Sobel
QB34.5.S63 2016 - Physics Library

Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race
Margot Lee Shetterly
QA27.5.L44 2016 - Main (Gardner) Stacks

Hypatia of Alexandria : mathematician and martyr
Michael A.B. Deakin
QA29.H88 D43 2007 - Main (Gardner) Stacks

Integral functions
Mary Lucy Cartwright
QA351.C34 - NRLF

Julia : a life in mathematics 
Constance Reid
QA29.R575 R45 1996 - Math/Stat Library

Math equals : biographies of women mathematicians + related activities
Teri Perl
QA28.P47 - Math/Stat Library

Mathematicians : an outer view of the inner world
Mariana Cook
QA28.C66 2009 - Math/Stat Library

The mathematics of Sonya Kovalevskaya
Roger Cooke
QA300.C65 1984 - Math/Stat Library

Notable women in mathematics : a biographical dictionary
Editors: Charlene Morrow and Teri Perl
QA28.N68 1998 - Math/Stat Library

Prime mystery : the life and mathematics of Sophie Germain
Dora E. Musielak
QA29.G47 M87 2015 - Math/Stat Library

Rise of the rocket girls : the women who propelled us, from missiles to the moon to Mars
Nathalia Holt
TL862.J48 H65 2016 - Engineering Library

The thrilling adventures of Lovelace and Babbage
Sydney Padua
PN6737.P34 T48 2015 - Engineering Library

When computers were human
David Alan Grier
QA303.2.G75 2005 - Math/Stat Library

Women and numbers : lives of women mathematicians plus discovery activities
Teri Perl
QA28.P48 1993 - Math/Stat Library

Women in mathematics
Lynn M. Osen
QA28.O83 1974 - Math/Stat Library

Women in science : 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world
Rachel Ignotofsky
In Process - Math/Stat Library

Women of mathematics : a bibliographic sourcebook
Editors: Louise S. Grinstein and Paul J. Campbell
QA28.A12 W661 1987  - Math/Stat Library


Additional Sources

Biographical Websites

Biographies of Women Mathematicians (Agnes Scott College)

From Hidden to Modern Figures (NASA)

In Memoriam - University of California

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive - Female Mathematicians (University of St. Andrews)

Profiles of Women in Mathematics - The Emmy Noether Lectures (AWM)


The Autobiography of Julia Robinson, Constance Reid and Julia Robinson, The College Mathematics Journal, v.17, no. 1 (Jan 1986) [UCB access]

Fighting for Visibility, Korey Haynes, Astronomy (Feb 2017)

Hidden Figures Light Up Screen: Black Women Who Helped America Win the Space Race, Jenna Carpenter, Math Horizons v.24, no.3 (Feb 2017) [UCB access]

Julia Bowman Robinson, 1919-1985, Notices of the American Mathematical Society (Nov 1985), p.738-742, QA1 .A525 - Math/Stat Library

Julia Robinson, In Memoriam, C. Smorynski, The Mathematical Intelligencer v.8, no. 2 (Jun 1986) [UCB access]

Mary Lucy Cartwright (1900–1998), W. K. Hayman, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society v.34, no. 1 (Jan 2002) [UCB access]

Women Mathematicians at Berkeley-The Early Years, Calvin C. Moore, AWM Newsletter, v.36, no.4 (Jul-Aug 2006)


Ada : a life and a legacy
Dorothy Stein
QA29.L72 S741 1985 - Main (Gardner) Stacks

Ada's algorithm : how Lord Byron's daughter Ada Lovelace launched the digital age
James Essinger
​QA29.L72 E87 2014 - Engineering Library

The calculating passion of Ada Byron
Joan Baum
QA29.L72 B381 1986 - Math/Stat Library

A convergence of lives : Sofia Kovalevskaia, scientist, writer, revolutionary
Ann Hibner Koblitz
​QA29.K67 K6 1983 - Math/Stat Library

Emmy Noether, 1882-1935
Auguste Dick; translated by H. I. Blocher
​QA29.N6 .D513 - Math/Stat Library

Equivalence : Elizabeth L. Scott at Berkeley
Amanda L. Golbeck
QA29.S375 G65 2017 - Math/Stat Library

Gesammelte Abhandlungen = Collected papers
Emmy Noether; herausgegeben von N. Jacobson
QA3 .N632 1983 - Math/Stat Library

Hypatia of Alexandria
Maria Dzielska; translated by F. Lyra
B667.H84 D95 1995 - Main (Gardner) Stacks

Little sparrow : a portrait of Sophia Kovalevsky
​Don H. Kennedy
QA29.K67 .K46 1983 - Math/Stat Library

Love and mathematics : Sofya Kovalevskaya
​Pelageya Kochina; edited by A. Yu. Ishlinsky and Z.K. Sokolovskaya; translated from the Russian by Michael Burov
​QA29.K67 K63131 1985 - Math/Stat Library

Nightingales : the extraordinary upbringing and curious life of Miss Florence Nightingale
Gillian Gill
RT37.N5 G556 2004 - Main (Gardner) Stacks

No place for ladies : the untold story of women in the Crimean War
Helen Rappaport
​DK215.95 .R37 2007 - Main (Gardner) Stacks

Pioneering women in American mathematics : the pre-1940 PhD's
Judy Green, Jeanne LaDuke
​QA28 .G74 2009 - Math/Stat Library

A Russian childhood
Sofya Kovalevskaya; translated, edited, and introduced by Beatrice Stillman; with an analysis of Kovalevskaya's Mathematics by P. Y. Kochina
​QA29.K67 A3513 - Math/Stat Library

Sophie Germain : an essay in the history of the theory of elasticity
Louis L. Bucciarelli and Nancy Dworsky
​QA931 .B77 - Math/Stat Library

The world of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, mathematician of God
Massimo Mazzotti
​QA29.A28 M39 2007 - Math/Stat Library

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