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cookbooks collection guide

Bioscience & Natural Resources Library: Special collections

The Marian Koshland Bioscience & Natural Resources Library at the University of California, Berkeley has a number of collections that are considered "special" or rare. This guide will provide information on the cookbook collection, how to located them and gain access.

The Bioscience & Natural Resources Library cookbook collections are located in three areas of the library: the Locked Case for rare and special cookbooks, the Reference collection, these books consist of recipes for all types of cooking, and the Stacks, these books include social history, local culture, and recipes. 


Bloomsbury Food Library
Access to encyclopedias, references works, e-books, images, and more:
Ken Albala’s Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia and the Cambridge World History of Food Bloomsbury’s Cultural History of Food in six volumes and key chapters from Food History: Critical and Primary Source
Image collections including the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales University, USA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA
Curated lesson plans to assist teaching

Cookbooks, Cookery and Cooking History

To find cookbooks at UC Berkeley:
Search OskiCat, Select Subject: cookbook
OR Under More Searches, select: Form or Genre: enter cookbooks

Cookbooks are located in the Cookbook section near Reference and on the 3rd Floor Mezzanine, by call number.

Browse the shelves or enter these the following call number ranges:

TX1-1110 Home economics
TX301-339  The house:arrangement, care, servants
TX341-641 Nutrition. Foods and food supply
TX642-840 Cooking
TX851-885 Dining-room service
TX901-946.5 Hospitality. Hotels, Food service
TX950-953 Taverns, barrooms, saloons
TX955-985 Building operation and housekeeping
TX1100-1105 Mobile home living
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