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Food Studies: Start

Get Started: Food Studies

Food Studies combine cultural, social and economic practices relating to the production and consumption of food. Materials on nutrition, history of food, food culture, cookery, culinary tourism are located in many subject specialty libraries on campus. Search library resources in UC Library Search for cookbooks, cultural history, books, ebooks, articles, proceedings, and news. Current UCB faculty, students, staff and patrons in the library have access to licensed resources & materials.

Contact us if you have difficulty finding or accessing library resources. Use the Recommend a Title form for purchase recommendations. Visit the Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library web site for more resources.

Browsing for Cookery, Food Technology & Nutrition.

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RM - Nutraceuticals
TP368 - TP660 Food Processing
TX1 - TX985 Home Economics
TX340 - TX640 Nutrition. Foods and food supply
TX640 - TX840 Cookery
QP1 - QP801 Physiology
QP141 - QP801 Nutrition, general
QR115+ Food Microbiology
SB175+ Food supply, GMO crops, microbiology

Food News

Related Search Terms

Use selected search terms in catalogs for books and dissertations, databases for articles, and in internet searchs.

  • beverages
  • cooking
  • cooking social aspects
  • eating philosophy
  • dinners and dining
  • drinking customs
  • food consumption
  • food habits
  • food habits cross-cultural studies
  • food  habits moral and ethical  aspects
  • food history
  • food in art
  • food in literature
  • food in popular culture
  • food  industry and trade moral and ethical aspects
  • food marketing
  • food preferences
  • food psychological aspects
  • food relief
  • food religious aspects
  • food social aspects
  • food symbolic aspects
  • food supply
  • food writing
  • gastronomy
  • heritage tourism
  • hunger
  • junk food
  • kitchens social aspects
  • nutrition policy
  • obesity in mass media
  • obesity social aspects
  • prehistoric peoples food
  • right to food
  • traditional ecological knowledge
  • vegetarianism  social aspects

Food at UC Berkeley

Food, Past and Future

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