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Posters, Presentations & Science Writing: Start

use this guide to create a successful science poster presentation.


This guide provides information on how to create a successful science poster & presentation.
The PURPOSE of a poster presentation is to create rapid, concise & visual communication of research. (Hoffman, 2010).

USE these principles for EVERY step of poster preparation

  • CREATE an APPEALING DESIGN to draw attention.
  • ENGAGE your audience:
    ~explain your research,
    ~ask for feedback,
    ~gather new ideas,
    ~make research connections
  • RAPID: convey your research quickly and clearly
  • CONCISE: express your findings succinctly  
  • VISUAL: draw your audience in with design, figures, graphs, & illustrations.

Posters on the Web

F1000: Faculty of 1000, click on subject to view posters:
Flickr: -
Better Posters:
Colin Purrington: includes designing conference posters, good templates section.
Google: science posters templates for downloadable templates.
Powerpoint templates.

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