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Freely Available Resources for Research: Social Sciences

A Selective Guide to Free Online Library Resources, for Alumni and Members of the Public

Freely Available Resources - Find Articles

Preprint and Postprint Servers

Preprint servers allow researchers to make their findings available to the public prior to publication in a peer reviewed journal. This allows researchers to receive feedback from their research community prior to publication, to "test the waters," and to "stake their claim" on a topic prior to publication.  Listed below are notable preprint servers in the social sciences but there are many other preprint servers in other fields, including medicine and biological sciences.

  • PsyArXiv: Maintained by the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Sciences (SIPS) and the Center for Open Science. Established in 2016.
  • SocArXiv; Papers: open access platform for social scientist to upload working papers, preprints, and published papers, with the option to link data and code. Established in 2016.

Postprint Servers: Another way that the public has free access to previously published works in an online postprint repository. eScholarship is the University of California's open access publishing platform that allows UC researchers to post the final author version of their articles. For more information see UC Open Access Policies.

Freely Available Resources - Statistics and Numeric Data

Freely Available Resources - History Research and Primary Sources

Freely Available Resources - open access journals

Open access journals are peer-reviewed, scholarly journals that are free, digital, and available to anyone online. Below are some OA journals with a broad, social science emphasis.