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Bio 1B Library Guide: Searching for articles: Finding primary research articles

Tutorial 4

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Limiting to articles

Limiting to articles in BIOSIS

BIOSIS indexes journal articles, conference proceedings, and book chapters, among other materials. If we are searching only for journal articles we will need to limit our search.

For example, there are 122 records in BIOSIS that list Brent D. Mishler as an author:

From the search results page, select Articles under Document Types in the left-hand Refine Results sidebar:

Click Refine to limit the search only to journal articles. There are 70 records for journal articles in BIOSIS that list Brent D. Mishler as an author:

Please note: Journal articles may include primary, peer-reviewed research articles, literature reviews, editorials, and other types of articles. To identify the type of a specific article, look under Document Information in the full article record in BIOSIS. If it is a type of article other than a primary research article, the kind of article it is will be identified under Literature Type:

If no other literature type is specified, it is a primary research article.

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