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Black Geographies: Articles

Finding Article Databases

Search an article database to find citations (title, author, title of journal, date, page numbers) for trustworthy and/or peer-reviewed articles on a particular topic. Databases are compendiums of relevant journals or sources for a given field. The Library gives you access to over 200 article databases covering different disciplines.

1. Think about which academic disciplines engage with your topic. Examples: geography, feminist studies, anthropology, history, etc. 

2. Click on "Browse All Databases." Use the drop down menu for "All Subjects" to find your discipline. Select the appropriate academic disciplines and then look for "Recommended" databases.

Journal Articles

"The Pluralities of Black Geographies" by Adam Bledsoe and Willie Jamaal Wright

"Plainly Audible: Listening Intersectionally to the Amplified Noise Act in Washington, DC" by Allie Martin

"The Dialectic of Race and the Discipline of Geography" by Audrey Kobayashi

"Economic Geographies of Race and Ethnicity: Explorations in Continuity and Change" by Beverly Mullings 

"Capital's Need to Sell and Black Economic Development" by Bobby M. Wilson

"Black Matters Are Spatial Matters: Black Geographies For the Twenty-First Century" by Camilla Hawthorne 

"Placing Race: On the Resonance of Place with Black Geographies" by Douglas Allen, Mary Lawhon, and Joseph Pierce

"The Geography of Despair" by Harold M. Rose

"The All Negro Town: Its Evolution and Function by Harold M. Rose

"Plotting the Black Commons" by J.T. Roane 

"Exploring Persistent Racial and Ethnic Representation Disparity in U.S. Geography Doctoral Programs: The Disciplinary Underrepresentation Gap" by Demetrice R. Jordan, Ashton Shortridge, and Joe T. Darden

"On Plantations, Prisons, and a Black Sense of Place" by Katherine McKittrick 

"The Two O'Clock Vibe": Embodying the Jam of Musical Blackness in and out of Its Everyday Context" by Kyra D. Gaunt 

"Black Geographic Possibilities: On a Queer Black South" by LaToya E. Eaves 

"Introduction: Black Geographies in and of the United States South" by LaToya E. Eaves, Adam Bledsoe, and Brian Williams

"Geographies of Race and Ethnicity II: Environmental Racism, Racial Capitalism and State Sanctioned Violence" by Laura Pulido 

"Black Geographers in Institutions of Higher Education in the United States: Where They Are and a Selected Bibliography of Their Works" by Lucía I. Terra and Joe Darden

"Race, Blacksound, and the (Re)Making of Musicological Discourse" by Matthew D. Morrison

"Black Ecology" by Nathan Hare 

"On Abolition Ecologies and Making “Freedom as a Place” by Nik Heynen and Megan Ybarra

"White Socio-Spatial Epistemology" by Owen J. Dwyer and John Paul Jones III 

"Food, Faith, and the Everyday Struggle For Black Urban Community" by Priscilla McCutcheon 

"Masculinity and the Mic: Confronting the Uneven Geography of Hip-Hop" by Rashad Shabazz 

"Fatal Couplings of Power and Difference: Notes on Racism and Geography" by Ruth Wilson Gilmore 

"Digital Geographies, Feminist Relationality, Black and Queer Code Studies: Thriving Otherwise" by Sarah Elwood

The Blues and the Damned: (Black) Life That Survives Capital and Biopolitics”by Sharad Chari

Useful Databases: Locating Journal Articles

Key Journals

Annals of the American Association of Geographers: Vol 111, No 7

Annals of the Association of American Geographers articles are divided into four major areas: Geographic Methods; Human Geography; Nature and Society; and Physical Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. 


Antipode has published peer-reviewed papers that push Geography’s critical edge, intending to engender the development of a new and better society. 

Environment and Planning D | Society and Space - -  Science Magazines, Events and More

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space publishes articles, essays, interviews, forums, and book reviews that examine social struggles over access to and control of space, place, territory, region, and resources. 

The Professional Geographer: Vol 73, No 4

The Professional Geographer publishes short academic and applied geography papers, emphasizing empirical studies and methodologies, ranging from analytic to philosophical or prescriptive.

Southeastern Geographer publishes geographic research that engages conditions and events in “the south”, broadly construed, as they relate to conditions and events that extend over broader geographical reaches.

Social & Cultural Geography publishes research on relationships between social phenomena and divisions with landscapes and cultural expression and change.