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Black Geographies: Beyond California



"Urbanity and Generic Blackness" by  AbdouMaliq Simone

"Beyond Fact or Fiction: On the Materiality of Race in Practice" by Amade M'Charek

"Growing Old In A New City: Time, the Post-Colony and Making Nairobi Home" by Betinna Ng'weno 

"Making Italy: Afro-Italian Entrepreneurs and the Racial Boundaries of Citizenship" by Camilla Hawthorne 

"Cultural Archaeology and Historical Geographies of the Black Presence in Rural England" by Caroline Bressey

"Time and the Otherwise: Plantations, Garrisons and Being Human in the Caribbean" by Deborah Thomas 

"Mapping the Black Queer Geography of Johannesburg's Lesbian Women Through Narrative" by Hugo Canham

"Frantz Fanon's Radio: Solidarity, Diaspora, and the Tactics of Listening" by Ian Baucom

"Racial Capitalism, the Free Trade Zone of Pacific Alliance, and Colombian Utopic Spatialities of Anti-Blackness" by Jaime Alves and Tathagatan Ravidran

"Early Black Worldmaking: Body, Compass, and Text" by Judith Madera 

"Caribbean Free Villages: Toward An Anthropology of Blackness, Place, and Freedom" by Karla Slocum 

"The Mechanism of Plantation-Type Economies: Outlines of a Model of Pure Plantation Economy" by Lloyd Best 

"Accumulation, Dispossession, and Debt: The Racial Logic of Global Capitalism—An Introduction" by Paula Chakravartty and Denise Ferreira da Silva

"(Trans)nationalisms, Marronage, and Queer Caribbean Subjectivities" by Ronald Cummings 

"Shadowboxing in the Mangrove" by Richard Price and Sally Price

"Ethnic Enclaves to Diaspora Entrepreneurs: A Critical Appraisal of Black British Africans' Transnational Entrepreneurship in London" by Sanya Ojo

"The Ocean and the City: Spatial Forgeries of Racial Capitalism" by Sharad Chari 

"Mapping Deception: The Politics of Mapping Miskito and Garifuna Space in Honduras" by Sharlene Mollett 

"Negotiating a Common Transnational Space: Mapping Performance in Jamaican Dancehall and South African Kwaito" by Sonjah Stanley-Niaah

"Black Studies and Global Perspectives: An Essay" by St. Clair Drake 

"Unsettling the Coloniality of Being/Power/Truth/Freedom: Towards the Human, After Man, Its Overrepresentation--An Argument” by Sylvia Wynter

"The Anti-Blackness of Global Capital" by Willie Jamaal Wright and Adam Bledsoe