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European Comics & Graphic Novels: Find Comics and Books About

This guide serves as a starting point for research on comics and graphic novels in the Romance languages of Western Europe.

History, Criticism, & Reference (selection)

Comics & Graphic Novels in the Library

Research Tips for Finding Books

In the Library's catalog, you can use keywords or Library of Congress subject headings to locate relevant books of interest on your topic.

Use truncation or wildcards (* or ?) for variations of words (e.g. vatican*) to begin a keyword search and use subject headings like these below to explore further in your search:

to find graphic novels and comics by country of publication:

to find comics and graphic novels by theme:

to find criticism and history of comics and graphic novels:

Browsing physically or virtually in call number ranges is another path towards discovery. If you search OskiCat by these LC call numbers, you can generate clean lists of comics and graphic novels by country of publication: