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French 102: Writing in French: Find Articles

A library research guide

Article Indexes and Databases

Online Resources

Below is a selection of article indexes and databases pertinent to French and Francophone Studies. You can find a complete list of all Berkeley databases subscriptions at the A-Z database list.

The first three are highly recommended:

Available in Print Only

Persée: portail des revues scientifiques en sciences humaines et sociales


Help Finding Articles

You can use UC Library Search on the Library homepage to search across various book and article databases simultaneously. To find the best resources for your topic, you might want to go directly to a specific database.

Find the best database(s) for your research topic:

  1. General article databases are a good place to start since they include both popular and scholarly journal titles covering numerous disciplines. Simply choose one of those databases and type in your keywords to begin to find articles.

  2. Browse for databases by subject (such as EconomicsElectrical Engineering, or Art History) if you want to dig deeper into resources covering a specific discipline. If you aren’t sure what subject to choose, look for the academic department that your class is listed under. Once you’ve chosen a subject, search for your topic in one or two of the recommended databases that are listed on the top of the subject list.

  3. Browse for databases by type if you want to find other kinds of formats, such as encyclopedias, newspapers, government information sources, statistics, maps, images and more.