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Social Welfare 220: Introduction to Social Welfare Policy: Assignment: Policy Analysis Paper


The SocW 220 Final Policy Proposal:  In groups of 3 or 4, students will analyze a policy issue (e.g., poverty, unemployment, housing, food security, affordable health care, family leave, etc.) and develop a social welfare policy proposal in a 10-12 page paper. The paper should integrate class concepts and readings. as well as academic articles, policy briefs, or policy reports. In the library session, and the online guide, we will cover:

  1. Use law reviews to connect a topic to a policy (federal or state laws, regulations, cases, etc.)
  2. Find journal articles or book chapters that describe policies & programs
  3. Search think tanks and non-profits for information about the specific program or policy
  4. Find government documents on the policy.
  5. Use APA 7th -- to cite, create bibliography.

Housekeeping: Getting access to material that’s behind a paywall from off campus.