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Visiting The Bancroft Library

Helpful hints for planning a visit to The Bancroft Library

Reading Room Conditions of Use

The Bancroft Library’s Heller Reading Room (photo below) is available to all registered researchers using our collections. Since many of the materials are unique or rare, and some are in fragile condition, we expect researchers to follow our Conditions of Use.

1.       Bancroft Library collections are non-circulating. The Reading Room is reserved for the active use of Bancroft materials only.

2.       Researchers may not use ink in the Reading Room. Pencils are available in the Reading Room. Computers, tablets, and phones (turned to silent mode) may be used.

3.       Containers are not permitted in the Reading Room. Researchers may bring one notebook or one pad of paper (all without loose sheets or pockets) in addition to up to five sheets of loose paper. You must store your personal belongings, including coats, bags/purses, and umbrellas in the lockers operated by a refundable quarter. Property passes for research materials carried into the Reading Room are available at the Security Desk, please ask Security staff.

4.       Researchers must submit all personal items taken out of the Reading Room for inspection at the Registration Desk and Security Desk upon departure.  This includes opening laptop computers.

5.       Cameras are permitted. Scanners are not permitted.

6.       Eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking, and cell phone conversations are prohibited.

7.       We expect researchers to abide by the Library Code of Conduct.

Please review our complete Conditions of Use before visiting.


View of Bancroft Reading Room

Image of The Bancroft Library's Reading Room by Peter Hanff.

Guidance on Handling Collection Materials

We encourage you to watch these videos prior to your visit as they offer some useful guidance on handling our collections:





Due to preservation and handling concerns, you will only be allowed to listen to /watch viewing copies of audiovisual materials in archival collections and individually cataloged commercial CDs and DVDs using library-provided equipment. If you would like to view an original AV item, you can submit a request asking us to create a viewing copy.