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Visiting The Bancroft Library: How to Register

Helpful hints for planning a visit to The Bancroft Library

How to Register

All those wishing to use Bancroft materials must register as a researcher. Registration is free and online, and just takes a few minutes using our Aeon system. The online registration form constitutes an agreement by the researcher to comply with the Library's stated policies for use of its materials. Your registration remains active for one year, and you can easily renew it from your Aeon account. Please visit the Aeon sign-in page to register in advance. For more information, see the Aeon guide.

Researchers will need to bring a current government or academic-issued photo ID when visiting The Bancroft Library in person. For UC Berkeley affiliates, a current UC Berkeley photo identification is sufficient.

Bancroft Reading Room Registration Area

Bancroft Library Registration Area

Credit: Peter Hanff