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UC Berkeley Library Makerspace: Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Pull Saw

As the name implies a pull saw cuts on the pull stroke. Putting too much pressure on the push stroke will cause the blade to bend or the teeth to break. Make sure your materials is securely clamped down before cutting.

Claw Hammer

The flat head of this tool is used for driving nails into wood, the back end is used as a lever to pry nails out of wood.

Hot Glue Gun

The glue gun heats and melts a glue stick that is then used to bond two surfaces together. Be mindful of your surroundings whenever you are using a hot tool. Make sure it is completely cool before putting it away.

Canary Cutter

A Canary cutter is a small hand held saw specifically for cutting through cardboard. The point is dull, but the edges are extremely sharp and it is best handled while wearing gloves.

Cardboard Rivets

If you are building with cardboard on a large scale, you can pair the canary cutter with cardboard rivets, which will secure large pieces together more reliably than tape.