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Edible Book Festival: About

The 2020 Edible Book Festival 2020 has been rescheduled for Spring 2021

Based on campus recommendations around limiting the risk of COVID-19 on campus, the 2020 Edible Book Festival scheduled for March 16th has been rescheduled for the Spring 2021. Thank you for your interest!

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The UC Berkeley Library held its first annual Edible Book Festival in 2017.

Press Coverage

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Planning Committee

Gigi Gillard, Donor Relations Manager
Aisha Hamilton, Exhibits and Environmental Graphics Coordinator
Susan Powell, GIS & Map Librarian
Jen Osgood, Technical Processing Lead, Arts & Humanities Division
Stacy Reardon, Literatures and Digital Humanities Librarian
Molly Rose, Circulation Supervisor, Environmental Design Library
Kiyoko Shiosaki, Undergraduate Learning & Research Librarian

Contact Us

edible-books AT


The Library attempts to offer programs in accessible, barrier-free settings. If you think you may require disability-related accommodations, please contact the event sponsor -- ideally at least two weeks prior to the event.


What's an Edible Book Festival?

Edible Book Festivals feature creative food projects that draw their inspiration from books and stories. Edible books might physically resemble books, or they might refer to an aspect of a story, or they might incorporate text. Judges select winners for an array of light-hearted prize categories, such as “Best Literary Pun” or “Most Delicious Looking." The Festivals are a great way to celebrate both book-making culture and the culinary arts. Edible Book Festivals began with the Books2Eat website in 2000 and is now celebrated internationally during the month of April.

Notable Edible Book Festivals:

Who can participate?

Any member of the UC Berkeley community can participate.

What kinds of submissions are acceptable?

Anything made of food and that looks like or is inspired by books!

What are the prize categories?

  • Punniest
  • Best Student Entry
  • Leftovers (for entries that address food reuse)
  • Least Edible
  • People's Choice

Can a group submit an entry?

Yes, a group can submit an entry. One prize will be awarded per entry (not per person), so the group agrees to share the prize if they win. At least one member of the group must be affiliated with UC Berkeley.

Is the event open to the public?

Anyone may attend the Edible Book Festival. Submissions to the Festival are open to anyone with a Cal email address.

Will the judges taste my entry?

Nope! While your entry must be composed of edible materials, it does not have to actually be appetizing! Entries will not be judged on taste.