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Edible Book Festival: 2019 Festival


Best Student Entry: The Silent Lambs Escape, by Jolea Schwindt
Eye Candy (most aestheticially pleasing): The Communist Antipasto, by Ricky Brown
Least Edible: Life Changing Mango of Tie-dying Up, by Janhavi Deshpande
Punniest:  The Tails of Two Kitties, by Joan Kask
People's Choice:  The Communist Antipasto, by Ricky Brown

Edible mentions: Infinite Zest, by Amy Dinh and Kyle Shimek, and The Golden Bao, by Michele Rabkin

Special thanks to the judges

Alexander WilfertASUC President
Anna Livia Brand, Assistant Professor, College of Environmental Design
Cecil Giscombe, Professor, Department of English
David Faulds, Curator of Rare Books and Literary Manuscripts, Bancroft Library
Rosalie Z Fanshel, Program Manager, Berkeley Food Institute