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Edible Book Festival: 2017 Festival


Best in Show:  "Love in the Thyme of Collard Greens" 
Most Book Like: "The End of Your Leaf Book Club"
Punniest:  "The Last UniCorn Dog"
Best Student Entry: "Rye + Pressed Juice"
People's Choice:  "Love in the Thyme of Collard Greens" 

Edible Mentions: "Olive(r) Twist",  "The Last UniCorn Dog"

Special thanks to the judges

Julie Chen: Bay Area book artist and publisher
Jean Ferguson: Learning and Research Communities Librarian, UC Berkeley
Susan Schweik: UC Professor of English



12th Night

**edible mention


The End of Your Leaf Book Club

**winner of Most Book-Like


Love in the Thyme of Collard Greens 

**winner of Best in Show and People's Choice


Red Velveteen Rabbit Cupcakes

A Wrinkle in Thyme

Cat's Cradle


The Fault Lines in Our Stars


Me Guac Pretty One Day


Rye + Pressed Juice = This

**winner of Best Student Entry

Charred Lettuce Web


The Last UniCorn Dog

**winner of Punniest and an edible mention


Olive(r) Twist

**edible mention

Tighty Whities Cake