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EZproxy: Browser bookmarklet

Information about EZproxy, and instructions for creating bookmarklets.


A browser bookmarklet for EZproxy allows you to access licensed journals, databases and articles when you are off-campus.

When you are off-campus and you land on a licensed library resource, click on your EZproxy bookmarklet.  You will be prompted to authenticate via CalNet or PIN / Cal 1 card number. You will then be redirected to the EZproxied version of the site’s url.

EZproxy UCB

Drag the EZproxy UCB link to your browser's Bookmark toolbar.

This will work with all the recent versions of Windows and OS X.

  • Google Chrome or Safari v. 5 and higher: Left-click and drag the bookmarklet link to your Bookmarks toolbar.
  • Firefox v.15 and higher: Left-click and drag the bookmarklet link to your Bookmarks toolbar, or right-click on the link and select "Bookmark This Link."
  • Internet Explorer v.8 and higher: Hover the cursor over the EZproxy UCB bookmarklet link shown above.  Right-click and select "Add to Favorites."  If you see a security alert that the "favorite may not be safe," click "yes" to continue.
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Many thanks to Piedmont College for allowing us to re-use their excellent EZproxy guide.

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