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High School Ethnic Studies Initiative Library Guide

A guide to accessible resources available for high school educators and other K-12 educators on Ethnic Studies topics. Curated by Ethnic Studies librarians.

Place-Based Research

Ethnic Studies should be grounded in an understanding of how race and inequalities have shaped the landscape and spaces we move through. Mapping has been a tool of surveillance and control, and can also be a way for communities to turn their gaze on what is important to them. These resources support relating to the spaces around us in different ways as well as ways to explore local histories that center the voices of those on the margins.

Pro Tip! Reach out to your local public library and/or historical societies to see what kinds of resources they have to offer!

Mapping Projects and Platforms

Exploring California Local History

Below you will find links to resources for exploring California histories. Please note that there are more resources than we have space for in this guide. Please check the archives page, the HSESI resource hub, and reach out to the librarians for information on any specific topic.