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MCB 32L: Introduction to Human Physiology Laboratory: Citing your sources

Citing your sources

Journal article citations

  1. Author name(s)
  2. Year of publication
  3. Title of article
  4. Title of journal
  5. Volume number
  6. Issue number (omitted in most cases, unless the journal has multiple issues per volume and each issue begins with the page number 1)
  7. Page numbers (for articles published both in print and online) or article number (for online-only articles)
  8. For articles published online: URL or DOI (omitted for some citation styles)


  • 6 or fewer authors:
    Freeman PR, Goodin A, Troske S, Strahl A, Fallin A, Green TC. 2017. Pharmacists’ role in opioid overdose: Kentucky pharmacists’ willingness to participate in naloxone dispensing. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 57: S28-S33.
  • More than 6 authors:
    Barnosky AD, et al. 2012. Approaching a state shift in Earth's biosphere. Nature 486: 52-58.
  • Published online only, with an article number rather than page numbers:
    Ali-Murthy Z, Lott SE, Eisen MB, Kornberg TB. 2013. An essential role for zygotic expression in the pre-cellular Drosophila embryo. PLoS Genetics 9: e1003428. (Note: not all article numbers begin with "e")
  • Article title ending in a question mark or other punctuation mark:
    Ray A, Camiolo M, Fitzpatrick A, Gauthier M, Wenzel SE. 2020. Are we meeting the promise of endotypes and precision medicine in asthma? Physiological Reviews 100: 983-1017.

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