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You can still access the UC Berkeley Library’s services and resources during the closure. Here’s how.

Object Lessons: The Egyptian Collections of the University of California, Berkeley: K-12 Activities

The Bancroft Library Exhibit, In-Person Visits Currently Suspended Due to Shelter-In-Place - Check Back for Updates

Gallery Guides

Ancient Egypt at the University of California, Berkeley

Use this website and the exhibition guide to answer some questions about ancient Egypt

  • What is the name of the river that runs through Egypt? How did it help people live in the dry, hot climate?
  • What tools did the Egyptians use to measure and tax fields?
  • How did Egyptian priests contribute to the economy?
  • Why was the crocodile worshipped in the Fayyūm region of Egypt?
  • How did Greek and Egyptians interact after the conquest of Alexander the Great in 332 BCE?
  • What are the names of the different Egyptian forms of writing? What did Egyptians write on?
  • How did people in Egypt learn how to read and write? What languages were spoken in Egypt?
  • How did Egyptian and Greek religion blend together?

Objects from Egypt

California Education Documents

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