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Use this guide to search selected library resources on sports medicine, athletic injury, exercise physiology, exercise and health, drugs and sports, environment issues, nutrition, clinical research and more. Current UCB faculty, students, staff and patrons in the library have access to licensed resources. Use Recommend a title form for purchase recommendations. Visit the Bioscience & Natural Resources Library web site for more resources.


Write your research topic as a question, use subject ideas or a thesis statement.
What is a concussion? how to treat? how to prevent?

List main concepts:
traumatic brain injury, concussion, brain trauma, brain concussion diagnosis, sports injuries, athletic injuries, therapy,  post-concussion syndrome.

List key words, phrases, synonyms, alternative terms and spelling - be creative:
football injuries ethics, veterans health, brain wounds, brain damage, Mohammed Ali,

Materials on sports medicine and related topics are located in many subject specialty libraries on campus. Our digital collections span all subjects and are available 24/7. Visit the Bioscience & Natural Resources Library web site for more resources.

Search terms

Athletes -- Physiology
Athletic injuries
Cerebral cortex -- Physiology Exercise -- physiology.
Physical education and training
Physical Endurance -- physiology.
Sports medicine
Sports Medicine Sports -- physiology..
Sports -- Physiological aspects.
Sports & recreation -- Sports Psychology.
Sports & recreation -- Training.

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