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Physical Education, Sports Medicine & Physiology: Start

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Use this guide to find library resources on sports medicine, athletic injury, exercise physiology, exercise and health, drugs and sports, sports nutrition, clinical research and more. Only current UCB faculty, students, staff and patrons in the library may have access to some licensed resources.

If the library doesn't provide access to a book, journal, or other resource you need:

Connect from off campus

To access UC Berkeley Library e-journals, e-books, databases, and other subscription resources from off-campus or on wifi networks other than eduroam, UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff can use the following:

WiFi options

When on campus, use the eduroam network to access library resources such as journals, e-books, and databases:

Note: The Berkeley-Visitor network on the UCB campus provides internet access, but blocks users from UCB-licensed resources such as journals, e-books, and databases. To access these resources when on campus, switch to the eduroam wifi network instead.

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