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Fact check: Correcting the record about the UC Berkeley Library’s long-term space plan

Human Rights Resources: Introduction

Human Rights Search

Human Rights Internet. Human rights information and resources to inspire education, advocacy and dialog. 

HuriSearch.  Custom search engine providing "one point access to all human rights information published by human rights organizations worldwide." From Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems, International.

What Convention? This search engine will help you find your issue or human right in the Human Rights conventions, treaties, etc where it is located.

Online Reference

Amnesty International Annual Report. AI also produces country and topic specific reports. See also the AI USA office.

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. Annual report on human rights practices worldwide from the US Department of State.

CQ Researcher. Provides background, chronologies, literature reviews, and contemporary developments on political and economic issues.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Human Rights. Human rights theory, practice, law, and history. Major figures, organizations, human rights events, crises, and norms.

Human Rights Watch World Report. Human rights conditions from around the world. Includes reports available on related topics, e.g. child labor, migration, refugees, etc.

Catalogs and Search Engines

UC Library Search. Books, e-books, journal articles and other content in one integrated library platform for the entire UC System. Does not include content from some databases, numeric data, and other content. For more information on getting started please see this guide.

Google Scholar. Functions as both a key word database for articles and books. On campus it automatically connects to licensed content held by the UC libraries.

Google Books. Search the text of the books, view previews from books still in copyright, and read the full text of out-of-copyright books. 

Sample Human Rights History Books

Library News (All)

The latest news from the UC Berkeley Libraries.

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