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Sustainable Design Resources: Climatic Design

Resources related to sustainable environmental design.

Design for Desert Climate

Yaama Mosque, Architect Falke Barmou. 1962-82. (Source:


  1. Atlas of climatology and variability in the GFDL R30S14 GCM [electronic resource] / Michael A. Alexander, James D. Scott. 1996. Also available in print - 1 DAY LOAN at the Earth Sciences & Map Library. Scale varies.
  2. Britannica atlas / Encyclopaedia Britannica. 1994. LIB USE ONLY
  3. California : an environmental atlas & guide / Bern Kreissman; Barbara Lekisch. 1991. 
  4. Northern California atlas gazetteer: detailed topographic maps / DeLorme. 4th ed. 1998. Scale 1:150,000.
  5. The weather almanac [electronic resource] : a reference guide to weather, climate, and related issues in the United States and its key cities / Steven L. Horstmeyer. 12th Ed. 2011. Also available in print at Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

Finding Books & Articles

Use keywords and subject headings in library catalogs and indexes.

Architecture and climate
Architecture and energy conservation
Architecture and solar radiation
Architecture and energy conservation.
Buildings - energy conservation
Solar energy
Solar radiation
Urban climatology
Urban heat island
[place] - climate- statistics

Articles and Journals

Indexes - for articles

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Journals -- a selected list. For more titles use ejournals or search by title in library catalogs.

Websites and Print Sources for Data

Design for Climate

  1. -arium : weather and architecture / [edited by Jurgen Mayer H., Neeraj Bhatia]. 2010.
  2. Builder's guide : hot-dry & mixed-dry climates / written by Joseph Lstiburek. 2000.
  3. Builder's guide : hot-humid climates / written by Joseph Lstiburek. 2000.
  4. The builder's guide to cold climates : details for design and construction / Joseph Lstiburek. 2000.
  5. The builder's guide to mixed climates : details for design and construction / Joseph Lstiburek. 2000.
  6. Building to suit the climate : a handbook / Gerhard Hausladen, Petra Liedl, Mike de Saldanha. 2012. A manual for integrated planning in the international context -- offers a comprehensive analysis of the interplay between climate, the building structure and the building envelope.
  7. Built by hand : vernacular buildings around the world / written by Athena Steen, Bill Steen, and Eiko Komatsu ; photographs by Yoshio Komatsu. 2003. Includes information on natural materials used around the world and a chapter on natural ventilation with good photos and wind scoops.
  8. Climate responsive architecture : a design handbook for energy efficient buildings / editors, Arvind Krishan ... [et al.]. 2001.
  9. Climate responsive design : a study of buildings in moderate and hot humid climates / Richard Hyde. 2000.
  10. Comfort in any climate / [Michael Reynolds]. 2000.
  11. Commissioning buildings in hot, humid climates : design and construction guidelines / [by CH2M Hill] ; edited by J. David Odom and George DuBose. 2000.
  12. Courtyards : aesthetic, social, and thermal delight / John S. Reynolds. 2002.
  13. Desert architecture : climate responsive design as a means to energy efficient homes and buildings / by Pat Guthrie, architect. 2nd ed. 1995.
  14. Eco-techture : bioclimatic trends and landscape architecture in the year 2001 / [Ana Rosa de Oliveira, Alejandro Bahamón, Sofia Cheviakof ; English translation [by] Richard-Lewis Rees]. 2000.
  15. Outdoor human comfort and its assessment : state of the art / prepared by the Task Committee on Outdoor Human Comfort of the Aerodynamics Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers. 2004. Focuses on wind, air temp, solar radiation, includes assessment models and design solutions.
  16. Sun, wind & light : architectural design strategies / Mark DeKay, G.Z. Brown, Knight Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Oregon. Third Edition. 2014. Includes data, design drawings, wind catchers, solar information.
  17. Wind towers : architecture, climate and sustainability / Mehdi N. Bahadori, Alireza Dehghani-sanij ; edited by Ali Sayigh. 2014.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  1. Encyclopedia of world climatology [electronic resource] / edited by John E. Oliver. 2005. Series title: Encyclopedia of earth sciences. Also available in print.
  2. Encyclopedia of climate and weather / Stephen H. Schneider, Terry L. Root, editors in chief ; Michael D. Mastrandrea, associate editor in chief. 2011.
  3. The Facts on File dictionary of weather and climate / edited by Jacqueline Smith. 2006.

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