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Sustainable Design Resources: Building Materials

Resources related to sustainable environmental design.

Sustainable Building Materials & Products - General

  1. ADPSR: Ecological architectural resource guide: environmentally conscious, resource-efficient, less polluting, sustainable, recycled, healthy, local / prepared by Northern California ADPSR; edited by David Kibbey; with contributions from Heather Cannon et al. 2000. Lists products that are sustainable, less polluting, local and recycled. Organized by the CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) numbering systems, each division includes "green building" practices followed by lists of materials, manufacturers, and suppliers.
  2. The art of natural building: design, construction, resources / edited by Joseph F. Kennedy, et al. 2nd ed. 2015.
  3. Building inside nature's envelope: how new construction and land preservation can work together / Andy Wasowski, with Sally Wasowski; foreword by Darrel G. Morrison; photography by Andy Wasowski. 2000.
  4. Building with earth : design and technology of a sustainable architecture / Gernot Minke. 2013. The revised 3rd edition of this handbook offers a practical systematic overview of the many uses of earth and techniques for processing it.
  5. Building with vision: optimizing and finding alternatives to wood / Dan Imhoff; edited by Ann Edminster. 2001.
  6. The ecology of building materials / Bjorn Berge; translated from Norwegian by Filip Henley with Howard Liddell. 2nd ed., 2009.
  7. Eco-efficient construction and building materials : life cycle assessment (LCA), eco-labelling and case studies / edited by Fernando Pacheco-Torgal, Luisa F. Cabeza, Joao Labrincha and Aldo Giuntini de Magalhaes. 2014.
  8. Gaiam Real Goods solar living sourcebook. / 2008.
  9. Global Directory for Environmental Technology - site by Eco Source International. A guide to environmental products & services, national and international, organizations, conferences and publications from experts.
  10. Green architecture : advanced technologies and materials / Osman Attmann. 2010.
  11. Green building bottom line: the real cost of sustainable building / edited by Martin Melaver, Phyllis Mueller. 2009.
  12. Green building handbook: a guide to building products and their impact on the environment / Tom Woolley, et al. 1997-2000.
  13. Green building materials: a guide to product selection and specification / Ross Spiegel, Dru Meadows. 3rd ed. 2012. Includes green product selection, specification, construction processes, LEED requirements, specifications process, construction waste management.
  14. Green building with concrete [electronic resource] : sustainable design and construction / edited by Gajanan M. Sabnis. 2nd ed. 2016.
  15. Green Seal - Directory of certified products.
  16. Greening federal facilities: an energy, environmental, and economic resource guide for federal facilities managers and designers / edited by Alex Wilson, BuildingGreen, Inc. 2001. Available electronically and in print.
  17. Materials for sustainable sites : a complete guide to the evaluation, selection, and use of sustainable construction materials / Meg Calkins. 2012.
  18. Rematerial : from waste to architecture / Alejandro Bahamón, Maria Camila Sanjinés. 2010.
  19. Re-use of construction and demolition waste in housing developments / V.W.Y.Tam and C.M. Tam. 2008.
  20. Sustainability of concrete / Pierre-Claude Aïtcin and Sidney Mindess. 2011.
  21. Sweets Catalog - products for general building and renovation. Also available in print.
  22. Traditional building materials / Matthew Slocombe. 2012.
  23. The whole house book: ecological building design and materials / Pat Borer & Cindy Harris. 2nd ed. 2005.

Straw Bale Construction

  1. The beauty of straw bale homes / Athena and Bill Steen. 2000. Real Goods solar living book.
  2. Building a straw bale house: the Red Feather construction handbook / Nathaniel Corum ; foreword by Jane Goodall. 2005.
  3. The building officials' guide to straw-bale construction: version 2.1 / edited by Kelly Lerner and Pamela Wadsworth Goode. 2000.
  4. Building with straw bales: a practical guide for the UK and Ireland / Barbara Jones. 2002.
  5. Design of straw bale buildings : the state of the art / Bruce King ; with contributing authors Mark Aschheim, et al. 2006.
  6. A house of straw: a natural building odyssey / Carolyn Roberts. 2002.
  7. The last straw [journal] / reader-written journal of straw-bale and natural building. 1992 - 2014.
  8. Living homes / Suzi Moore McGregor and Nora Burba Trulsson ; photographs by Terrence Moore. 2001. Twenty-two residences categorized by wall material including adobe and rammed earth, straw bale, and recycled content.
  9. Living homes: stone masonry, log, and strawbale construction, building your high-efficiency dream home on a shoestring budget / Thomas J. Elpel. 2010.
  10. More straw bale building: a complete guide to designing and building with straw / Chris Magwood, Peter Mack and Tina Therrien; illustrations by Dale Brownson. 2005.
  11. Practical straw bale building / Murray Hollis. 2005.
  12. Serious straw bale: a home construction guide for all climates / Paul Lacinski and Michel Bergeron. 2000. Real Goods solar living book.
  13. Straw bale building: how to plan, design & build with straw / Chris Magwood & Peter Mack. c2000.
  14. Straw bale construction details: a sourcebook / David Arkin, et al. 1999.
  15. Straw bale details: a manual for designers and builders / Chris Magwood and Chris Walker. 2001. Includes code provisions, drawing details, straw bale load levels and a bibliography
  16. The straw bale house / Athena Swentzell Steen, Bill Steen, David Bainbridge, with David Eisenberg. 1994. Real Goods independent living book.
  17. Strawbale homebuilding / edited by Alan T. Gray and Anne Hall. 2000.

Related Guides

PISE de terre : pneumatically impacted stabilized earth

(source: © 2009)

Pisé does it : Dwell Magazine article showcasing PISE's residential potential in a 2007 house halfway between Carmel and Big Sur.

Earth Construction

  1. Adobe homes for all climates: simple, affordable, and earthquake-resistant natural building techniques / Lisa Schroder and Vince Ogletree. 2010.
  2. The architecture of mud [videorecording] / [presented by] Anonymous Productions ; written, produced and directed by Caterina Borelli and Pamela Jerome. 2000.
  3. Arquitecturas de tapia / Fermín Font, Pere Hidalgo. 2009.
  4. Earth construction handbook: the building material earth in modern architecture / Gernot Minke. 2000.
  5. Earthbag building: the tools, tricks and techniques / Kaki Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer. 2004. Also available in print.
  6. Hot dirt, cool straw / James Grayson Trulove ; with Nora Richter Greer ; foreword by Dennis Wedlick. 2001.
  7. Martin Rauch: rammed earth = Lehm und Architektur = Terra cruda / Otto Kapfinger ; [translation from German into English: Elizabeth Schwaiger ; translation from German into Italian: Reinhold Ferrari]. 2001.
  8. The natural plaster book: earth, lime and gypsum plasters for natural homes / Cedar Rose Guelberth & Dan Chiras. 2003.
  9. The rammed earth house / David Easton; photographs by Cynthia Wright. 2007.
  10. Rammed earth structures: a code of practice / Julian Keable and Rowland Keable. 2011.