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Sustainable Design Resources: Design

Resources related to sustainable environmental design.

Sustainable Design

Behin + Ha Living Pavillion: winner of the City of Dreams Pavilion Competition 2010


  1. Architecture in a climate of change: a guide to sustainable design / Peter F. Smith. 2005. Investigates renewable technologies, domestic energy sources, natural ventilation, lighting, life-cycle assessment, recycling. Includes case studies.
  2. The art of natural building: design, construction, resources / editors, Joseph F. Kennedy, et al. 2nd ed. 2015.
  3. Climate responsive design: a study of buildings in moderate and hot humid climates / Richard Hyde. 2013.
  4. Design for sustainability: a sourcebook of integrated, eco-logical solutions / Janis Birkeland. 2002. Also available in print.
  5. ECO-TEC: architecture of the in-between / Amerigo Marras, editor. 1999.
  6. Ecocells: landscapes & masterplans by Hamzah &Yeang / Leon Van Schaik. 2003.
  7. Ecodesign: the sourcebook / Alastair Fuad-Luke. 3rd ed. 2013.
  8. Ecological design / Sim Van der Ryn and Stuart Cowan. 2007.
  9. Ecology and the architectural imagination / Brook Muller. 2014. Ecosystems can inspire architectural space making and order when ecology is embedded in the design process from conceptual phases onward.
  10. Energy and environment in architecture: a technical design guide / Nick Baker and Koen Steemers. 2000.
  11. Environmental design: an introduction for architects and engineers / edited by Randall Thomas. 3rd ed. 2006.
  12. Green building through integrated design / Jerry Yudelson. 2009.
  13. The green imperative: natural design for the real world / Victor Papanek. 1995. Presents the use of ecologically sound design of everything from food packaging to buildings. Discusses how one "senses" a building and how vernacular architecture maintains its close connection to the land.
    See also -- Design for the real world: human ecology and social change / Victor Papanek; with an introduction by R. Buckminster Fuller. 1972. Introduces the idea of an ethics of design.
  14. Groundscrapers + subscrapers of Hamzah &Yeang / Ivor Richards. 2001.
  15. HOK guidebook to sustainable design / Mendler, Sandra; Odell, William; Lazarus, Mary Ann. 2006.
  16. International ecolodge guidelines / edited by Hitesh Mehta, Ana L.Baez and Paul O'Loughlin. 2002.
  17. Reinventing the skyscraper: a vertical theory of urban design / Ken Yeang. 2002.
  18. Ritual house: drawing on nature’s rhythms for architecture and urban design / Ralph Knowles. 2006.
  19. Rough guide to sustainability: a design primer / Brian Edwards. 4th ed. 2014.
  20. Rural modern / Russell Abraham. 2013. Explores the use of sustainable design and building practices, which have long been fundamental to rural architecture.
  21. Smart & sustainable built environments / edited by J. Yang. 2007.
  22. Sustainable by design: explorations in theory and practice / Stuart Walker. 2006. Design of sustainable objects.
  23. Sustainable design: ecology, architecture, and planning / Daniel E. Williams; forewords by David W. Orr, Donald Watson. 2007.
  24. Sustainable design of research laboratories: planning, design and operation / Kling Stubbins. 2010.
  25. T. R. Hamzah & Yeang: ecology of the sky / Ivor Richards. 2001.
  26. Taking shape: a new contract between architecture and nature / Susannah Hagan. 2001.
  27. Urban design: green dimensions / Cliff Moughtin with Peter Shirley. 2nd ed. 2016.
  28. Vegetal city / Luc Schuiten. 2009. Visionary architect from Brussels, Luc Schuiten, presents original proposals and visions of a positive future based on the creation of a new relationship between human beings and their natural environment.

Design for Environmental Health

Selected resources for healthier design

  1. The boiled frog syndrome: your health and the built environment / Thomas Saunders. 2002. A discussion of health concerns related to the built environment including electromagnetic fields (EMF), geomancy, dowsing, light and noise etc. Includes design solutions for healthier urban environments.
  2. Design details for health: Making the most of design's healing potential / Cynthia Leibrock, Debra D. Harris. 2011.
  3. Eco: an essential sourcebook for environmentally friendly design and decoration / Elizabeth Wilhide. 2002.
  4. Ecohouse: A design guide / Susan Roaf. 4th ed. 2013.
  5. Fundamentals of integrated design for sustainable building / Marian Keeler, Prasad Vaidya. 2nd ed. 2016.
  6. Green by design: creating a home for sustainable living / Angela M. Dean. 1st ed. 2003. Includes case studies with sustainable features listed for each.
  7. A handbook of sustainable building design and engineering : an integrated approach to energy, health and operational performance / edited by Dejan Mumovic and Mat Santamouris. 2nd ed. 2019.
  8. Healthy house building for the new millennium: a design & construction guide / John Bower. 2000.
  9. The healthy house: how to buy one, how to build one, how to cure a sick one / John Bower. 4th ed., rev. ed. 2001.
  10. Home work: handbuilt shelter / Lloyd Kahn. 2004. Includes unique building materials and uses, design styles, maps and detail drawings.
  11. The natural house: a complete guide to healthy, energy-efficient, natural homes / Daniel D. Chiras. 2000.
  12. Natural interiors: using natural materials and methods to decorate your home / Ali Hanan & Pip Norris. 2001.
  13. The new autonomous house: design and planning for sustainability / Brenda & Robert Vale. 2000.
  14. Places of the soul: architecture and environmental design as healing art / Christopher Day. 3rd ed. 2014. Sustainable design means much more than energy-efficiency: if sustainable buildings don't also nourish the soul, occupant-building interaction will lack care and eco-technologies won't be used efficiently. This major revision of his classic text builds on more than forty years of experience of ecological design across a range of climates, cultures and budgets, and 25 years hands-on building.
  15. Prescriptions for a healthy house: a practical guide for architects, builders & homeowners / Paula Baker-Laporte, Erica Elliott and John Banta. 2008.
  16. Preventing moisture and mold problems: design and construction guidelines / J. David Odom; 2003.
  17. The smart house / James Grayson Trulove ; introduction by Michael McDonough. 2003.
  18. Sustainable architecture: lowtech houses / Arian Mostaedi. 2002.
  19. Urban air quality: handbook, parts A and B / prepared and written by the staff and consultants of the Sustainable Cities Programme. 2001.
  20. Your naturally healthy home: stylish, safe, simple / Allan Berman. 2001.