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U.S. Data and Statistical Sources: Immigration

Provides access to federal statistics on various subjects and topic areas.

Free Public Access to Government Information

Free public access to United States government documents in a federal depository library is guaranteed by law (44 USC §1911).  While UC Berkeley houses one of the most comprehensive collections of U.S. government documents in the country, the Library is one of over a thousand Federal Depository Libraries across the United States, and one of several Federal Depository Libraries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Immigration Statistics

Immigration statistics go back to the founding of the United States, and have been collected by various agencies throughout U.S. history.  Many of the historic statistics can only be found in paper.

Current Information

Historical Information

  • The Foreign Commerce and Navigation of the United States.
    (Search in Proquest Congressional using the terms "foreign commerce AND navigation")
    • HF105.A2 Main [1848/49-1950], however many volumes are in NRLF.
  • Annual Report. Bureau of Immigration.
    • JV6414.A3 Main [1892-1932]
  • Annual Report of the Commissioner of Naturalization
    • JK1800.A4 Main [1913/14-1931/32]
  • Annual Report, Immigration and Naturalization Service
    • JV6414.A36 Main [1941/42, 1944/45-1979/80, 1981/82, 1985/86]
  • Statistical yearbook of the Immigration and Naturalization Service
    • JV6461.U53 S73 Doe Reference (latest), earlier in Main. 1978-1984, 1986-1989-2000
  • American Statistics Index, 6264-2 (Microfiche 1251 GREF); 1989, 1991- present.
  • Reports of the Immigration Commission. U.S. Immigration Commission
    • JV6417.CO7 v. 1-41 (1911) Doe Reference and Main
      v.1-2 Abstracts of reports of the Immigration Commission.
      v.3 Statistical review of immigration, 1820-1910.
      v.4 Emigration conditions in Europe.
      v.5 Dictionary of races of peoples.
      v.6-25 Immigrants in industries.
      v.26-27 Immigrants in cities.
      v.28 Occupations of the first and second generation of immigrants in the US. Fecundity of immigrant women.
      v.29-33 The children of immigrants in schools.
      v.34-35 Immigrants as charity seekers.
      v.36 Immigration and crime.
      v.37 Steerage conditions. Importation and harboring of women for immoral purposes. Immigrant homes and aid societies. Immigrant banks.
      v.38 Changes in bodily form of descendants of immigrants.
      v.39 Federal immigration legislation. Digest of immigration decisions. Steerage legislation, 1819-1908. State immigration and alien law.
      v.40 The immigration situation in other countries.
      v.41 Statements and recommendations submitted by societies and organizations interested in the subject of immigration.
  • Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Series A, Subject correspondence files. Bethesda, MD : University Publications of America, 1993-1996
    • Microfilm 71194 ser.A in Newspapers and Microfilm
      pt.1. Asian immigration and exclusion, 1906-1913, supplement, 1898-1941.
      pt.2. Mexican immigration, 1906-1930
      pt.3. Ellis Island, 1900-1933
      pt.4. European investigation, 1893-1936
      pt.5. Prostitution and "White Slavery", 1902-1933