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U.S. Data and Statistical Sources: Quick Access to Data/Statistics

Provides access to federal statistics on various subjects and topic areas.

Free Public Access to Government Information

Free public access to United States government documents in a federal depository library is guaranteed by law (44 USC §1911).  While UC Berkeley houses one of the most comprehensive collections of U.S. government documents in the country, the Library is one of over a thousand Federal Depository Libraries across the United States, and one of several Federal Depository Libraries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Quick Access to Federal Statistics and Data

These sources provide quick access to the most requested data/statistics.  They also provide citation information which can lead you to more sources for in-depth statistics or even raw numeric and text data.

  • -- Gain access to hudreds of datasets from the US and some state level government information.  Some datasets provide access to API's.
  • FDSys Bulk Data Download -- Repository of bulk text data from the Government Publishing Office, including the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, Congressional Bills, etc.