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Bio-Inspired Design: IB 32: Start

Campus Libraries

Libraries with collections especially relevant to bio-inspired design:

Collections in these libraries can be discovered by searching the catalog:

Selected Recent Books

How to Start

Find a biology research article that will inspire your design-
Example: How do Bats see and hear in the dark?

List the main concepts:
anatomy, physiology, history,

List Key words, phrases, synonyms, alternative terms and spelling - be creative:
animal behavior, bat, echolocation, biological sonar, acoustic perception, adaptive sensing, mobile agents, flight; Chiroptera; biomechanics; wings; aerodynamics; energetics; locomotion; morphology

Look for materials on bioinspired design, biomimicry, biomimetics, and related topics will be located in many subject specialty libraries on campus.
Visit the Bioscience, Natural Resources, and Public Health Library web site for more resources.